7 Tips on Preparing for Graduation

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With May already in full swing, many students are preparing for graduation. Whether you only have a few days or another month before graduation, you are probably really excited about the big day. The last four years have been spent studying for tests, writing papers, and staying up all night to prepare a presentation. You’ve also made a lot of amazing friends. Now, your hard work and dedication will be honored. When they finally read your name and hand you that well deserved diploma, you will know that all of your accomplishments will lead to something even better. However, that big day can come with some complications, so you want to make sure you are ready for graduation. In order to help you prepare, here are seven tips on preparing for graduation.

1. Pick out your clothes well in advance.

Decide on your apparel a few days before graduation. You do not want to put on your clothes the day of only to realize that something is not clean or does not fit you the right way. As far as what to wear, men should plan to wear a shirt and tie with slacks and dress shoes. You need to make sure your socks match your shoes because they will most likely stick out of your gown. Women, it is suggested, should wear a dress under their gown, but make sure it is a comfortable dress because you will likely be sitting in the ceremony for a while. When it comes to picking out the material of your dress, blogger Leanne has this suggestion: “It gets pretty hot under those heavy black robes, so light airy materials are best.” 

2. Make sure your cap and gown actually fit you and that you gather all of your sashes and any other awards you are supposed to wear.

You probably picked up your cap and gown a while ago, and you probably hung them in your closet out of the way. Well, you should take them out before the day of graduation, just to make sure they fit. Simply slip them on over your clothes and make sure everything is okay. You also need to make sure you have the proper sash and any other awards and pins you are supposed to wear.

3. Take your gown to the dry cleaner.

When you take your gown out of the bag it comes in, you might notice that it is really wrinkly or there are some spots on it. If this is the case, then you may want to consider taking it to the dry cleaner. As a college student, you are probably trying to avoid additional costs, but keep in mind that the way you look on graduation day will always be remembered in photos, so you want to look your best.

4. Double-check where you are supposed to be the day of graduation.

Check and recheck, and then check one more time where you are supposed to be on graduation day. Most likely your university will line students up based on colleges or departments, so there is probably somewhere specific you need to be. There will usually be people on hand to help you with this, but it is useful if you know ahead of time. Many schools hold a practice graduation the day before so that students know where to stand and where to go when their name is called. 

5. Get plenty of sleep the night before.

Your commencement ceremony is going to be long. Many college students dread sitting through the entire ceremony, but it will help if you are well rested. Remember, you are going to be sitting where a lot of family members and friends can see you, so you do not want to fall asleep or constantly yawn.

6. Be sure your family and friends know where to meet up with you afterwards.

The aftermath of your ceremony is going to be chaotic. Once all of the students leave the area in which the ceremony was held, it becomes a free-for-all and students and family members will be everywhere. As a good measure, you should discuss with your friends and your family where you are going to meet up. If your guests are not familiar with the campus, make sure you give them specific directions or show them where to meet.

7. Know your plans for after graduation.

This tip is not about having your future planned out. Rather, it is knowing what you are going to do to celebrate. Are you going to have dinner with your family? Is there a party that you want to go to? If you do not make plans before the day of graduation, then you may end up not doing anything, and you really do deserve a chance to celebrate your success.


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