How to Effectively Use Online Job Searches

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Employment sites can be fantastic research tools for online job searches. They can help you see what companies are hiring and what qualifications those companies are looking for. After that, you can focus on those businesses, check out their websites, and find out who’s in the department you’d like to work in.

List in hand, your next move is establishing a relationship with one of those people, preferably someone with a bit of leverage. Social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook are valuable here; they allow you to reach out to strangers, impress them with your intelligence, experience, and wit, and perhaps get a recommendation. Once someone within the company has decided they would like to work with you, your chances of getting a job there dramatically increase. Asking your new contact to walk your resume down to HR and put in a good word will get you a much better shot than blindly sending in even the most qualified resume.

Social Etiquette

Using social networking sites does require some attention to etiquette. Don’t spam people or waste their time, and if you are contacting an old friend to ask for a job, fess up about it. Don’t put your friends in an uncomfortable position by asking them to recommend you for jobs you’re not qualified for, and don’t act too chummy with someone you’ve only just become friends with. Some job-seekers make videos showcasing their talents, create amusing websites dedicated to their job search, or try any number of gimmicks to stand out from the masses. This can work, but it can also backfire. The line between creative and flippant can be tricky to negotiate.

Who You Know

Who you know has always been important when looking for work, but the social media explosion has made it invaluable. Building a strong professional and social network is the best thing you can do to help your job search today. Maintaining it is the wisest move you can make to ensure that you’ll always be able to find work in the future.

While You’re Between Jobs

Research short-term medical coverage as a potentially cheaper option than COBRA. Coverage may differ by state, so be sure to review coverage in your state. Investing in coverage for yourself or family until you find a job can help you avoid any potential for unexpected, costly medical bills.


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