How to Start a New Job in a New City

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Starting a new job should be an exciting time in your life. This is a chance for a fresh start, the perfect opportunity for you to further define your identity as a business professional; however, a level of stress is added to this situation when your new job happens to be in a new city. In this scenario you are expected to quickly and seamlessly adapt to a big change. This may seem like an exceptionally arduous task, but take a deep breath because we’ve come up with some tips that will help you figure out how to start a new job in a new city.

Do your research
Before you pack up the moving truck, be sure to thoroughly research every nuance of your big move. Adequately research the company, your new neighborhood, the school systems (if you are moving with school-aged children), and employment opportunities for your spouse (if applicable). By becoming an expert about your new home, you will be far less worried and frazzled when moving day comes. Stress levels will diminish significantly if there are no unpleasant surprises.

Meet the neighbors (and the rest of the community)
When you get to your new city, make yourself known. Introduce yourself to anyone and everyone who will be able to show you around and embrace you as a newcomer, and eventually as a friend. You will be at ease if you have a sense of community around you. It will make this transition far less taxing and much more comfortable.

Join local professional associations
The best way to infiltrate the business community is to be present and active at meetings of the local chapter of the professional associations related to your field of work. Make your name known in the right business and networking circles. You may even be able to parlay this into new friendships. Be outgoing and open to new people and experiences!

Make friends with your colleagues and boss
It’s important to forge friendships beyond your professional relationships with your colleagues and boss. By reaching out and showing that you are sociable and kind, you will become comfortable with this change much more quickly than if you remained aloof or concentrated solely on your work. Obviously you have a job to do, but do not discount the value of having relationships with these people beyond merely being coworkers. Plus, they might just be the key to you becoming involved in your local professional associations and networking community.

Check in with family members
If you are making this big move with children, a spouse, or other family members, you should also be concerned with how they are adjusting to change. Make sure that things at home, school, and work are going well for your loved ones. Face any problems that this transition may cause head on. Don’t underestimate the fact that this change will affect each one of your family members, not just you. Keep the peace at home by being there for them!

Starting a new job is something to celebrate, so don’t let this be a stressful time in your life! By taking the time to learn how to start a new job in a new city, you can focus on doing a stellar job at work, knowing that everything else in your life is falling perfectly into place.


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