Moving to a New City After Graduation

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For many who are preparing to graduate, the reality of the job market will force them to move to a new city after graduation. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot find a job, then moving to a new city might be one of the best options available for you. However, moving to a new city is not a decision that you should make on a whim. In fact, moving to a new city is a decision that you should make carefully and only after you consider all of your other options.

Moving after college, especially to a new city, is a bigger decision than you might think. You have to make sure you have a job lined up, a place to live, and you need to make sure you know how to actually move to a new city. When you move to a completely new city, it takes time to plan out how to move across a long distance and to organize everything you may need to do once you arrive at your new location. Below are helpful tips on moving and preparing to move to a new city.

Reasons to Move After Graduation

Before you decide to move to a new city, you need to make sure you are moving for an appropriate reason. Relocating after college means more than just picking out a new city. Rather, relocating should be for a reason that makes sense. As a recent college graduate, you are going to have student loans and other bills that accumulate. Being an adult can be an overwhelming experience, and the months after graduation are an often difficult transitional period. Being in a new city for the sake of being in a new city can make this transitional period even more overwhelming. Here are some of the reasons to move after graduation.

A Job: With graduation comes the usually tough task of finding a job. Some recent graduates will find a job without much difficulty or in a reasonable time frame. Occasionally, these job opportunities will come as a result of deciding to move to a new city. This is one of the best reasons to move. If you are thinking about moving to a new city, try to line up a new job before you actually move.

The Job Market: If the job market at your current location is poor, and you are having trouble finding a job, then you might consider moving to a new city. Sometimes the job market is better in a different city than the one you currently live in. If you find a city that has a better job market, then you should consider moving there.

Graduate School: Another reason to move to a new city is for a graduate school program. While this is not the same as moving to a new city for work, you will gain a lot from a graduate program. For this reason, you can easily justify moving to a new city because in the end it will help you find a better job.

Family: If you are having trouble with the transitional period after graduation, then you might want to consider moving to a city in which you have family or friends. While this may not provide you with the best jobs or opportunities, it will provide you with plenty of support in your search for a job.

Deciding Where to Move

After you have decided that moving is the best option for you, you actually have to decide where you want to move. Choosing a new city to live in can be a little difficult for anyone, but as a recent graduate you need to think hard about where you should move. Just like your reasons to move after graduation, there are certain aspects of cities that you really need to take into account before you decide on a location. As you are thinking about things, here are a few factors to consider about locations before you decide on one.

Job: Obviously, if you have the best job for you and your situation, and it is in a different city, then you should move to that city. Because finding a job can be difficult in the current market, you need to take the opportunities that you are presented with.

Cost of Living: If you are having trouble deciding which city to move to, look at the cost of living and determine if you can afford to live there or not. You need to find out what the cost of an apartment would be and how much things like utilities and groceries are going to cost you. You may or may not know this, but every city has a different cost of living, which means that some cities are within your budget and some are not. In order to determine if you can afford a city, you need to know how much money you are going to be making.

Family and Friends: Again, if you are having trouble finding a new place to live, you should consider a city in which friends and family live. While moving to be with friends and family is a good reason to move, it is also a great way to consider where to actually move. Having family and friends around you when you move to a new city can make transitioning into a new place much easier and can help put you at ease.

Environment: Do you prefer mountains or the ocean? Do you like flat prairie lands or rolling hills? These are the types of things you should consider before you move to a new location. If you do not think you would be happy moving to a coastal area, then make sure you do not end up in a city close to the ocean. You may not think these types of issues are that big of a deal, but they actually determine the type of people around you and the activities that are available.

Climate: Have you always dreamed of living somewhere where the sun shines almost every day of the year? Maybe you enjoy the rain. Either way, this is your opportunity to live in a city that provides you with the climate that you have always enjoyed and would like to live in.

Finding a Place to Live

When you decide to move to a new city, one of the hardest aspects of the process is actually finding a place to live. Because you are not currently in that location, it can be difficult to find an apartment to rent or a house to purchase. However, there are several resources that you have at your disposal that will make the entire process much easier and more manageable. Here are a few tips to finding a place to live.

Use the Internet: The Internet can be used for almost anything and everything these days. One of the best reasons to use the Internet, in this case, is to search for an apartment or house. There are several different websites you can use, such as,, and Typically, websites that are devoted to helping you find a place to live allow you to set search parameters and find exactly what you are seeking.

Do Not Be Afraid to Call: While many websites have a “contact us” page, you should know that if you send e-mail, your messages could go unanswered. The best way to reach someone who is renting or selling a place is to give them a call. When you do this, have some questions prepared, and make sure they are able to answer your questions or at least find out what the answers are.

Look Before You Sign: Before you sign any rental agreement or any paperwork at all, you need to make sure you see the space. It is easy to fall for a scam when you are trying to find a place to live in a different city. However, you need to physically see the space, even if you have been provided with pictures. It is also useful to meet the landlord when you see the space. You get to know the person you are renting from, and it is always nice to put a face to a name.

Shop Around: It is always a good idea to shop around when it comes to your residence. You want to make sure you are getting the best place for the money.


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