How To Travel with a Wedding Dress

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Wrinkles are a bride’s worst nightmare when it comes to her wedding dress. Flying out for a honeymoon or taking long trips for your wedding destination doesn’t make it easy to keep a wedding dress intact. If you follow this guide on how to travel with a wedding dress, you can keep your dress wrinkle free during your exciting but stressful travels.

Along with learning how to travel with a wedding dress, these tips can also apply to different types of dresses such as ball gowns, prom dresses, and evening gowns.

In a garment bag as a carry on

Before you decide to bring your wedding dress on the plane with you in a garment bag, call your airline to see if they will allow you to carry such a large garment on the plane with you. Whether or not they allow a garment bag as a carry on depends on the airline, as well as the specific flight, and even possibly the size of the dress. You need to call the airport beforehand and see if they allow you to hang clothes.

Some flights even specialize in providing a large hanging closet for purposes such as this one. A reader of our blog says that her sister did this when she got married in Cabo San Lucas and reports that it was, “a good way to ensure the dress stayed hanging and wasn’t folded in any way.” If the airline allows you to hang your dress, you will also need to make sure that your flight is not too full. Some flights will not allow you to hang clothes if the flight is too crowded.

After calling in beforehand, wrap your dress in a white cotton sheet before you place it in the garment bag. Make sure that you don’t put the dress in with any other garments, as you want to be extra sure that your white dress doesn’t get any sort of discolorations.

In a wheeled carry-on

Sometimes wedding dresses are larger than carry on regulations for certain flights. If this is the case, then a wheeled carry-on may solve your issue on how to travel with a wedding dress. In order to keep your dress as safe as possible, use tissue paper to stuff between the folds of your dress to prevent creases and wrinkles. this may be the most important step you take in order to keep your dress looking fresh and new. Secondly, lay a white cotton sheet over the top of the dress and tuck down the sides to cover the dress once again. The durability and convenience of a wheeled carry on with provide you with the assurance that your dress will not be touched. It also provides you with a free pair of hands to make your travels safe, easy, and convenient.

Purchase a small handheld steamer

"Not sure it's possible to travel without wrinkles. The key is to have a steamer available on other end." Polina Osherov, Fashion Photographer

Remember what your dress looked like when you tried it on for the first time after it was perfectly fitted? It will look like that again, if you take all of the precautions when traveling with a wedding dress. A handheld steamer is an inexpensive way to make your dress look brand new. Wrinkles can easily be ironed out with a handheld steamer by simply hanging the dress and running the steam over any issues. It is recommended to run the steam over the entire dress, as it will provide it with a consistent wrinkle-free look that will keep you smiling all the way till you say “I do”.

Carry on box

Many stores sell boxes specifically for wedding dresses so that they fit in the overhead compartment. These kits come with protective tissue paper and a PH balanced highly stable box. You can find these boxes in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs during your travels. Wedding boxes are popular among brides since they can be customized to wedding colors and style. They also are built to fit perfectly in a plane overhead compartment. You can find some wedding dress travel boxes here if this sounds like it will fit your style.

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