Short Term Health Insurance

What is Short Term Medical Insurance?

Please note, our Short Term Medical insurance is intended for temporary gaps in health insurance.  It is not compliant with the federal Affordable Care Act and does not cover expenses related to pre-existing conditions.

Short Term Medical Insurance


Short term health insurance for temporary gaps in coverage.



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What is the purpose of an insurance plan that only covers you for a short time period? Is short term medical insurance something you should consider? Learn the answers to these questions and more when you click through our “What is Short Term Medical Insurance?” section.

Can a short term policy accommodate the issues you may face without any coverage? How will short term medical insurance save you from long-term headaches? Check out the “Concerns For Those With No Insurance” section to discover how a short term policy could make your transitional situation less overwhelming.

Are you a parent with concerns beyond your own insurance coverage? Check out the options available for dependent coverage when you click here.

Once you’ve narrowed down your short term medical insurance options, you can read “Health Insurance Reviews” that compare and contrast plans so you can make an informed decision. Our Glossary section also offers helpful information to help you sort through confusing insurance terms.

Short Term Medical Insurance FAQ:

You’re healthy and young, so when it comes to short term medical insurance you may be thinking “What’s the point?” Or perhaps you’re between jobs and overwhelmed with the short term health insurance options available. Click through our FAQ section to find an answer to your short term medical coverage question.

How does short-term health insurance work?
A short-term health insurance plan is designed to cover you for a shorter period of time than standard insurance. On average, coverage for these policies range from six to 12 months. However, some plans can be as short as one month.
Why would I need short-term health insurance?
Many people find that a short-term policy is an ideal solution for some of life’s unexpected or special circumstances, such as layoffs college graduation or a transition between jobs. Also, younger adults who are no longer on their parents’ insurance may need a short-term solution until they can obtain full-time coverage. If you find yourself in need of insurance for a limited period, you may want to consider short-term health insurance to make sure you are covered in the event of unexpected illnesses and accidents.
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Organizations and Programs:

There are many different organizations and programs that assist individuals in between jobs which can easily be confused as you search for short term health insurance solutions. Medicare is a federal health insurance program for individuals over 65, young people with disabilities or people with End-State Renal Disease. COBRA is a 1988 budget act that allows workers the right to continue their group health insurance benefits if you quit or lose your job. AARP is a non-government association dedicated to improving the quality of life for seniors over 50 years old.

Find Short Term Health Insurance in Your State:

The transition between your old job to the new one has brought lots of changes: new house in a new town in a new state. A change that might not be as noticeable at first is your health care coverage. Insurance coverage varies from state to state, which is something to consider as you look for the best short term health insurance option to fit your needs. Find out about the benefits specific to your region when you click here.

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