Study Abroad Destinations

When you choose to study abroad the destinations and places you could go are endless. The world becomes a playground for you to travel and explore. Adventures await you in every country and around every city corner.

Study abroad destinations range from mountain villages to seaside cities—it really just depends on what you are looking for and what you want in your study abroad destination.

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Unique Study Abroad Destinations

For some students, study abroad destinations are all about the uniqueness of the place and people. You might assume that since people study abroad everywhere that the unique study abroad destination does not really exist anymore, but that simply is not true. Here are a few unique study abroad destinations that you may want to check out:


  • Ghana - As one of West Africa’s most popular tourist destinations, Ghana has strived to be one of the most stable countries on the continent. In doing this, the University of Ghana has become a great place for anyone to study. You will also be in for a great cultural and wildlife experience.
  • Denmark - If you are looking for that European study experience, but want somewhere that not a lot of people go to study, you should check out Denmark. Copenhagen is always a top contender for the world's 'most livable' city and the people are friendly.
  • Ecuador - Want to go south of the border, but want something other than Mexico? Check out the incredibly diverse country of Ecuador. If you want mountains, then Ecuador has it. You want the jungle? Ecuador has you covered. Looking for beaches? Then Ecuador is great for you. A truly diverse culture and terrain, Ecuador offers everyone something.
  • Turkey - Again, if you are looking for a more unusual European experience, then Turkey might be what you are looking for. With both European and Middle Eastern influence and thousands of years of history, Turkey offers amazing history, culture, and architecture for any student studying abroad.
  • Norway - If you can handle the cold, then this Nordic country provides students with a unique history and culture that simply cannot and will not be found anywhere else in the world.
  • Czech Republic - If you are looking for that classic European experience, then places like Prague in the Czech Republic offer you great insight. Prague is a unique place for students to explore and learn from. Plus the country provides students great access for travel by train to other European countries.

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An important element in your study abroad research should be to look into international student insurance. In many countries, any stay longer than 90 days may require a visa. A common requirement for obtaining a visa is showing proof of health insurance and the school you wish to attend may require students to obtain international student medical insurance.

Even for students on an eight-week or summer semester study abroad should consider an international student insurance plan to pay for medical treatment, arrange emergency evacuation, and locate the right hospital or doctor in a country where the student may have minimal language skills. StudentSecure insurance from HCCMIS is an affordable student health insurance plan that can fit a budget with comprehensive student benefits at an affordable monthly price.

The Study Abroad Experience

The study abroad experience is unique to each student. However, things like location, length of stay, and time of year will factor into what students experience while studying abroad. With that said though, there are a few things that students can expect:

  • Language Barriers—Even if you are going to be studying in a country that has the same language as your home country, you need to know that dialects, accents, and common speech are going to be different. These differences will take time to overcome and will be a temporary barrier for you.
  • Culture Shock—For a while, you may find it a challenge to adjust to your new home. However, you need to immerse yourself in the culture so that you can become acquainted with the differences. Doing a little research ahead of time may help make this transition easier.
  • Homesickness—No matter how much you expect this to not happen, homesickness will eventually hit you. It might be your first week or it might not happen until 8 weeks into your experience. The point is: it will happen, so expect it to occur.
  • New Friends—As you get out, explore and go to class, you will meet new people and begin friendships that will last your whole life.
  • New Experiences—New experiences will happen in the form of new places and new people. You need to be open to these experiences and foster them because they could change your life for the better!

Finding the Best Place To Study Abroad

If you are still asking yourself, “where should I study abroad?”, then there are a few things you need to consider as you search for a location:

City or Rural: Do you see yourself doing better in a foreign city or a more rural area? It ultimately depends on your tastes and what you are looking for. A city will provide you with more people and probably more things to do, while a rural area will provide you with local people and room to explore.

Mountain or Ocean: Some people love mountain activities, so they should find schools closer to mountain areas. Others enjoy the ocean and all that goes with it, so they should really consider areas close to or next to the ocean or other large bodies of water.

Continent: Is there a continent that has always appealed to you more so than another? You will most likely be traveling while you study abroad, so think about everything a continent offers as a whole, rather than individual cities or countries.

Culture: Is there a specific culture that you enjoy or in which you have always wanted to be immersed? Take this opportunity to travel and study within that culture. If the more relaxed culture of Mediterranean countries interests you, then find a program within one of those countries. Find a culture that interests you and then find a program within that culture.

The world is open to you during this time in your life. Do not make this decision quickly. Take your time, research, and really find a place to study abroad that fits with you and provides you with everything you are looking for in a study abroad destination.

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