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For those looking for a once in a lifetime opportunity during their college careers, there are few better choices than studying abroad. But, where should you study abroad? As a student, the world is wide open to you and you have hundreds of destinations available. Studying in France is something to strongly consider. Few places offer as many rewards as studying in France does.

Cities Where You Can Study in France

Studying abroad is about more than just classroom education. It is about the opportunity to learn and explore while in new cities and with new people. It is about experiencing cultures that are new to you. Studying in France abroad for international students means opening doors to a larger world and one of the best places to start is in all the wonderful cities of France:

  • Paris - One of the older and most historically significant cities of Europe, Paris is known as ‘The City of Love.’. However, it is also home to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe. Paris is home to some of the best cuisine in the world.

  • Nice - Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, the city of Nice is a great place to relax, enjoy the beach, and see some amazing outdoor sites. Much like Paris, Nice is famous for its food and for its culture.

  • Strasbourg - Strasbourg is a city that lies close to the border or of Germany and thus is highly influenced by the German culture. If you want to stay in France, but still experience the German culture, then Strasbourg is probably a great place for you to visit.

  • Lyon - Part of this French city is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its historical significance. It is also known worldwide as the capital of classic French cuisine.

  • Marseille - Another Mediterranean city, Marseille is most known for having a culture unlike any other in France. The city prides itself on its opera house, museums, art galleries, clubs, bars, and restaurants. There is always something to do in this seaport city.

Requirements to Study in France

As an international student, you must obtain an Extended-Stay Student Visa (VLS-TS). This means meeting with a consulate officer, applying for a visa, and being approved for the visa before you can enter the country as a student. This process can be tricky and confusing. Here are the requirements to meet before being granted a visa:

Requirements to Study in France

  • The consular officer will review your academic background. You should know going into the process that applicants that are prepared to enter a study in France master’s program, hold a French bachelor’s degree, or admitted to a selective short program are given priority.
  • Your preparation to study in France will also be examined. The consular officer will be looking to see if you have applied to schools and can justify your reasoning for studying in France. Your grades and overall reasons for international study will also come under scrutiny.
  • You also need to be aware that consular offices will be on the lookout to see if you have already begun working with a French institution for your international study plans. You need to show that your home institution and the French institution both acknowledge the exchange.
  • You will also be required to prove that you are proficient with the French language by means of a test.

Along with those criteria points, the consular officer you meet with will check to see if your plans to study in France will lead you to professional success and aid in the economic and social development of your home country. You must also be able to prove means of financial support.

Common International Student Health Insurance Benefits

Benefit What it Means StudentSecure includes?
Monthly Payments Coverage can be paid for on a monthly basis Yes
U.S. PPO Network Online searchable provider network Yes, with physicians across the U.S.
100% Coinsurance 100% of eligible injuries and illnesses are covered after the deductible Yes
Inpatient Hospitalization If you are injured or ill and need hospitalization for more than 24 hours, this is considered inpatient hospitalization Yes
Coverage for prescription drugs Your prescriptions are covered by your plan Yes
Coverage for maternity Expenses related to covered pregnancy are covered by the plan Yes. Maternity covered 80% within the PPO and 60% outside the PPO up to the coverage maximum for StudentSecure Select. Maternity covered 80% within the PPO and 60% outside the PPO up to $5,000 for StudentSecure Budget.

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As you decide to study abroad, make sure you keep your options open, but also make sure you consider the diverse world that is France. Every one of the 27 regions in France is famous for something and is unique in its own ways. Around every bend in the road there is something new to discover. Whether you prefer the nightlife of Nice, the romantic sites of Paris, or the rural areas of the Provence region, there is always something to discover when studying in France.

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