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Deciding where to study abroad in the US is a major decision that should not be taken lightly. Indiana is home to a number of excellent colleges and universities that are scattered throughout the state. Riddled with cornfields, basketball courts, lakes, and incredible small cities, Indiana is a great place to live, even if just for a short time.

What to Expect in Indiana

As you try and decide where you want to study in the US, you need to learn as much as you can about every place that sounds interesting to you. Indiana is a wonderful state if you enjoy all sorts of weather. If you are looking to experience four distinct seasons, then Indiana is the place for you. Typically covered in fields of corn, soybeans, and wheat, Indiana is a very diverse state that can have you driving through the countryside one minute and down city streets the next.

The state is nestled in the heart of the country and offers easy access to four other states (Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan). The capital city of Indianapolis is the 12th largest city in the US and provides a great starting point for any traveler. As an international student, you may not be living in the heart of the state, but that does not mean you should not take a trip and visit. Once in Indianapolis you can explore the zoo, the famous Children’s Museum, take a walk around the canal, visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art, or explore the many art districts. A trip to Indianapolis is always worth the drive, no matter how far away you are traveling from.

Since the state is surrounded on all four sides by other states, you will be provided with great access to several other major US cities: Louisville, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Ohio; Chicago Illinois; Lexington, Kentucky; and Detroit, Michigan. These are all cities to explore and in most cases are just a few hours away, depending on where you study. If you are looking for a weekend getaway while you study in Indiana, consider these cities or a quick trip to the northern part of the state where Lake Michigan dips down.

Universities in Indiana

The schools are as diverse as the people of Indiana. If you are looking for that large school experience with lots of other students and large lecture halls, some of the most famous schools around the state are great places for you to study. However, if you are looking for smaller schools with small class sizes and an extremely tight-knit community, there are schools in Indiana that can accommodate that too. Here are a few of the more popular schools around the state, but remember these are nowhere near all of them:

Indiana University-Bloomington

With enrollment peaking at around 42,000, IU Bloomington has a large campus and is filled with diversity. Out of all those students, around 5,500 are international students from over 125 countries. Known for the Kelly School of Business, IU Health, liberal arts studies, and political science; every student is sure to find the right course. Bloomington is also a great city to live in and has wonderful culture for everyone to experience. Indiana University requires international students to obtain health insurance. Proof of health insurance must include benefits for sickness, illness, maternity, medical evacuation, and repatriation. StudentSecure insurance meets all insurance requirements for Indiana University at an affordable cost. You can easily obtain a health insurance waiver form.

University of Notre Dame

If you are looking for a slightly smaller university experience, with a fantastic education, the University of Notre Dame in northern Indiana is the place for you to study. With around 12,000 students, Notre Dame is a great example of a medium size school where you can develop and foster strong relationships with other students and faculty members. Known for business, law, architecture, and liberal arts; everyone is sure to find something at Notre Dame. StudentSecure insurance is mandatory for graduate and international students at the University of Notre Dame. StudentSecure insurance can be an affordable option to obtain student health insurance for international students attending the University of Notre Dame. Students wishing to attend should also read the pre-admission immunization requirements.

Purdue University

Located in West Lafayette, Purdue University is known for its engineering program. The aeronautics and astronautics program at Purdue has the nickname of “Cradle of Astronauts.” With an international student and faculty population of around 9,000, Purdue is one of the most diverse campuses in the state. West Lafayette provides a great backdrop for an excellent college and US life experience.

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

As an up-and-coming school, IUPUI offers an excellent education in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. With close to 30,000 students and 1,350 international students, IUPUI is one of the biggest universities in Indiana. Not only will you receive the benefit of living in the capital city, but you will also get an education that combines two of the most well-known universities in Indiana: Indiana University and Purdue University.

Studying in Indiana

Before you decide to study in Indiana, you need to not only understand the culture of the state, but also the people. Those from Indiana are called Hoosiers and they, like most, take great pride in their state. Not only will you discover the wide variety of environments around the state, but you will also quickly learn that every region of the state is made up of unique people with their own traditions that are unique to their homes. You can expect warm hospitality and people willing to help out their neighbors whenever they can. They call Indiana the “Crossroads of America” because of the many interstate highways that run through the state, but it also implies a warm place for any traveler to kick up their feet and take it all in. Indiana is surely a place where you can expect to learn both inside and outside of the classroom.

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