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When figuring out the best place is for you to study abroad, you will find your options are almost limitless. The world is wide open to you. You can choose to travel and study almost anywhere. Is there some place that you have always dreamed of? Maybe you have never considered studying abroad. Either way, you have many places to consider studying.

“Study abroad Mexico” programs are extremely diverse and can open you up to new cultures. Mexico is not just about beaches. It is a country full of language, people, history, and art. It is a truly amazing place to study abroad. Whether you are looking to study Spanish in Mexico or if you want to pursue a different degree, you will be pleased with your choice in Mexico.

Where to Study in Mexico

Studying in Mexico for international students means discovering a new world. It means learning from educators and a way of thinking you did not previously have access to. It means learning both inside and outside of the classroom. If you are looking to hone your Spanish language skills, then Spanish study abroad in Mexico is a great and affordable way to do that. However, many universities also offer classes and programs that will allow you to study in English while in Mexico. When deciding where to study abroad in Mexico, keep these universities in mind:

  • University of Guadalajara: This university is located throughout the Guadalajara metropolitan area and is known for architecture, biology, economics, and social sciences.

  • National Polytechnic Institute: Located primarily in Mexico City, this university is known for its programs in science, technology, and political science.

  • University of Monterrey: Located in Monterrey, this university is best known for its medical programs, humanities, and technology programs.

  • TecMilenio University As part of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, TecMilenio University is known for its programs in health science, business, and information technology.

  • Centro de Ensenanza Tecnica y Superior: With locations in Ensenada, Mexicali, and Tijuana, CETYS is most known for its degrees in business and engineering.

  • University of the Mexico’s Valley: With 37 different campuses throughout Mexico, nine of which are in Mexico City, this university is best known for its programs in medicine, engineering, business, and law.

No matter what university or college you decide to attend, make sure it offers a program that interests you and helps you in your future career. Your experience of studying in Mexico will be much more fun and beneficial if you are at a university that you enjoy.

Common International Student Health Insurance Benefits

Benefit What it Means StudentSecure includes?
Monthly Payments Coverage can be paid for on a monthly basis Yes
U.S. PPO Network Online searchable provider network Yes, with physicians across the U.S.
100% Coinsurance 100% of eligible injuries and illnesses are covered after the deductible Yes
Inpatient Hospitalization If you are injured or ill and need hospitalization for more than 24 hours, this is considered inpatient hospitalization Yes
Coverage for prescription drugs Your prescriptions are covered by your plan Yes
Coverage for maternity Expenses related to covered pregnancy are covered by the plan Yes. Maternity covered 80% within the PPO and 60% outside the PPO up to the coverage maximum for StudentSecure Select. Maternity covered 80% within the PPO and 60% outside the PPO up to $5,000 for StudentSecure Budget.

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Where to Visit When you Study in Mexico

While studying is the main point of studying abroad, you have to remember to get out of the classroom and learn from the world around you. One of the best benefits of studying abroad is traveling. You’ll meet new people and experience new things. As you travel Mexico you are going to want to visit as much as possible, but your studies are important and you may not have a chance to visit every important site. In that case, you want to know what the best and most important sites to visit are. Here are suggestions to help you get started:

  • Ek Balam Mayan Ruins: Surrounded by jungle, this ancient Mayan ruin is mostly untouched by the modern world. It has not been open to the public as long as many of the other Mayan ruins, so you can expect to see the ruins as they have stood for hundreds of years. If you are feeling up to it, you can climb up the pyramid and see breathtaking views of the jungle around you.

  • Cozumel: It is hard to travel to Mexico and not visit one of its numerous beach communities. However, it is not just about sitting in the sand. Instead, get out in the water and enjoy some of the world’s best snorkeling, sailing, and scuba diving.

  • Rio Secreto: Translating to Secret River, this river runs underground and has not been open to the public very long. You can take a guided tour through the river and explore it!

  • Catedral: Located in Morelia, this cathedral took over a hundred years to complete, which is why it incorporates Herreresque, baroque, and neoclassical styles of architecture. It is an unforgettable sight, especially when lit up at night.

No matter your reason for choosing to study in Mexico, you are sure to find it a rewarding experience. A country full of history and art, you can expect it all to come to life as you travel, learn, and explore the country.

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