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If you are planning on traveling to the US to study, you have to decide where you are going to go. What state would you like to live in? What universities are you going to attend? To help answer those questions you might want to start by asking yourself what type of degree you want to receive. If you are still trying to decide where to study abroad, then you should consider making Ohio your choice.

Why Ohio?

Ohio is one of the largest states in the Midwest and provides a great landscape in which to study. With cities like Detroit, Pittsburgh, Lexington, and Indianapolis not too far from its borders, this great state provides you with amazing places to discover.

No matter the type of landscape or environment you are looking for, Ohio is sure to be able to provide it.

Choosing to study in Ohio is an excellent decision because of all the wonderful cities close by, but also because of the wonderful cities within its borders. You can get that great urban experience, that small city charm, and the country nostalgia without having to travel very far. No matter the type of landscape or environment you are looking for, Ohio is sure to be able to provide it.

Major Ohio Universities and Colleges

  • The Ohio State University: One of Ohio’s most popular campuses is The Ohio State University. The Division One school has an enrollment that exceeds 55,000 students, with a little over 5,500 international students from around the world. With a large campus and a very proud student body and alumni, most of the school’s sporting events are televised and heavily attended. Ohio State University is known for its education, business, political science, history, and design programs. The Ohio State University requires that international students obtain health insurance and students can obtain a health insurance waiver if they opt-out of the university’s plan for a more affordable student health insurance option. StudentSecure insurance can be an affordable option for those looking for comprehensive student health insurance at an affordable price.

  • Bowling Green State University: Bowling Green is nestled 30 minutes south of Toledo. It’s a medium-sized school, with a little over 17,700, but the campus houses 119 buildings across 1,338 acres of land. Bowling Green State University’s athletics filter under NCAA Division 1, except for its football program, which is Division 1-A. BGSU offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees through eight different colleges. The university is most known for its art, business, health and human services, and music degrees. BGSU requires international students to have student health insurance with at least $100,000 coverage per injury or illness. StudentSecure Select, Budget and Smart insurance all provide a minimum of $200,000 per injury or illness.

  • University of Cincinnati: Located in Cincinnati, the University of Cincinnati takes on an urban setting. UC has a large main campus with over 33,000 students enrolled and staff of close to 6,000, which gives the university a 15:1 student to teacher ratio. While the school is one of the larger ones in the US, the class sizes are small, allowing students to get a more personal education during the time they spend at UC. The university has high ranking programs, with its music and arts programs ranking 1st in the US and its School of Criminal Justice ranking 3rd.

Things to Do

For those studying abroad in Ohio, you are sure to find something to do. If music is your thing, take a quick trip to Cleveland, one of Ohio’s major cities and the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You can also take a quick trip to Canton, Ohio and check out the Professional Football Hall of Fame. If you enjoy American style baseball and are in the US during the right season then consider a trip to Cincinnati to take in a Reds baseball game. If geographical landmarks interest you, then you might consider a trip to Serpent Mound State Memorial, which is a 411-meter long earth mound that is shaped like a snake. The mound is located near Peebles.

Ohio’s major cities of Columbus, Toledo, Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron, and Cleveland all offer great shopping, night life, good food, and many sites for visitors to see. Take a walk down main street or explore down the side streets and you are sure to find some authentic Midwest charm that Ohio is known for.

If traveling is something that you really want to do while you are studying abroad, then there are many weekend getaways nearby. But if you require a plane, then the Cincinnati International Airport can get you where you want to go. Cities like Indianapolis in Indiana make for excellent short trips and offer a lot of different sights and cultural experiences. If you are staying on the eastern side of Ohio, then a trip to Pittsburgh might be just what you are looking for. Just remember that Ohio is a state full of culture and heritage just waiting to be explored, so be sure you spend some time exploring the different parts of the state.

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