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If you’re thinking about coming to the United States to study abroad, then you have some things to consider! What school will you attend? Where will you live? What part of the United States is best suited for you? Deciding to study abroad in Pennsylvania might be the right decision for you! There are many colleges and universities all over if you wish to study in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia Colleges and Universities

The University of Pennsylvania is considered one of the top doctorate institutions for international students in the United States.

  • University of Pennsylvania: The University of Pennsylvania is considered one of the top doctorate institutions for international students in the United States. Founded in 1740, the University of Pennsylvania is a member of the Ivy League schools and is well established in its finance, economics, political science, and history studies.

  • Temple University: Temple University is an urban college in Philadelphia. Temple’s most popular majors are business, management, marketing, communication, and the visual and performing arts. Temple University requires all international students that hold an F1 or J1 visa to maintain student health insurance. Individuals wishing to obtain student health insurance like StudentSecure, must obtain a “Certification of Outside Health Insurance” International students attending Temple should note that the services fee does not qualify as health insurance. With purchase of StudentSecure insurance, you will receive a copy of your policy and medical insurance card to send to the university along with the form.

Pittsburgh Colleges and Universities

  • University of Pittsburgh: The University of Pittsburgh or “Pitt” as it is commonly known has earned national recognition for its highly competitive School of Medicine, School of Education, and Swanson School of Engineering. Beginning in 2011, full time students attending the University of Pittsburgh were required to buy student health insurance and maintain an active policy for the duration of their enrollment in the university. Full-time undergraduate and graduate students must obtain student health insurance coverage like StudentSecure. StudentSecure insurance offers coverage for hospital and doctor care, prescriptions and even pre-existing conditions (following the first 12 months of coverage and a short waiting period), with convenient monthly payments at an affordable cost.

Erie Colleges and Universities

  • Mercyhurst College: Mercyhurst College is a small Catholic institution, located in northeastern Pennsylvania. Mercyhurst claims academic distinction for having the world’s largest full time academic enterprise in training intelligence analysts for both the government and the private sector. The “Institute for Intelligence Studies” offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Intelligence. All international students are required to buy student health insurance like StudentSecure insurance before coming to study in the U.S.

Top Pennsylvania University Towns

As you begin looking for the best places to study in Pennsylvania, you need to keep in mind not only the school, but the community around the school. Will you fit in with the surrounding city? Are there things you will enjoy doing? Take a look at these university towns and you make your decision:

  • Philadelphia: Home to 39 colleges and universities, Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s biggest university town. With some very well-known colleges and universities, like the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University, Philadelphia’s large number of institutions of higher learning provides a wide span of educational programs for students all over the world. It is best known for its historical appeal, being one of the country’s most influential cities during the American Revolution. With some great early American architecture and very interesting historical sites, Philadelphia gives a whole new meaning to studying abroad in the United States. But, besides its historical attributes, what does Philadelphia have to offer those coming to study abroad in Pennsylvania? Philadelphia, Philly for short, is a large town that prides itself on a great sense of community. Known as the “City of Brotherly Love,” Philly might be the place for you to study abroad.

Things to Check Out While in Philadelphia

  • Liberty Bell: This bell is an exceptional symbol for American freedom. Held within Philadelphia’s old state house, now called Independence Hall, visitors from all over come to experience Philly’s history through the bell’s iconic crack.
  • China Town: If you’re looking for something a little different than the American culture, visit Philly’s China Town. It offers a dense collection of Chinese culture through a variety of markets, restaurants, and shops.
  • Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh contains at least 33 colleges and universities. As one of Pennsylvania’s top cities, second to Philadelphia, students coming to study abroad within its city limits can expect quite the experience. Home to some top schools in the country, like Carnegie Mellon University, those coming to study abroad can easily find the right school for them. Pittsburgh loves their sports, and it seems that no matter where you go within the city, you can find a friend so long as you are rooting for the home teams.

Things to Check Out While in Pittsburgh

  • Museums: Pittsburgh's collection of museums should not be passed up. The Andy Warhol Museum is the biggest single art museum, showcasing more than 4,000 works from the iconic American pop artist. The Carnegie Museums of Arts and Natural History combines two highly renowned museums to provide visitors with great exhibits, ranging from one of the best dinosaur exhibits in the world to an incredible gems and minerals exhibit.
  • Erie: Home to eight colleges and universities, with a combined student body totaling around 15% of its entire population, Erie is definitely one of Pennsylvania’s top college towns. If you are into art, Erie might be the place for you. A smaller Pennsylvania town, it packs a big punch when it comes to its several performing-arts groups and its magnificent culture. Erie has been growing its sport scene, developing numerous semi-pro and professional sports leagues over the last 20 years, including baseball, basketball, soccer, women’s football, and hockey. Erie is located alongside the biggest of the United States’ five Great Lakes, Lake Erie. With plentiful shoreline, residents of the town find that there’s always something to do on the water!

Things to Check Out While in Erie

  • Presque Isle State Park: A state park set on a peninsula that sticks out into Lake Erie that provides long stretches of roads and nature trails, 13 beautiful beaches, and a marina. Popular park activities include swimming, boating, biking, hiking, and bird watching.
  • Waldameer Park: Looking for some classic fun? This amusement park is one of Erie's best features. Complete with roller coasters, thrill rides, gentle rides, kiddie rides, and water rides, visitors come from all over with their friends and family to experience all the fun of Waldameer Park.
  • Lancaster: Around 20% of Lancaster’s total population is marked by its at least 10 colleges and universities spread throughout the town. Lancaster is a smaller, quieter place for those looking to experience a subtle way of life while they earn their degrees. As an area rich in Country-American culture, international students will learn what it is like to have a typical country way of life in the United States. Lancaster is one of those places that you’ll easily find yourself lost within its subtle energy and exceptionally green landscape.

Things to Check Out While in Lancaster

  • Dutch Wonderland: This kingdom themed amusement park offers 34 rides and a water park to those looking for fun while they study abroad in Pennsylvania.
  • Amish Country: A big part of Lancaster heritage is its early settler’s roots. The countryside is occupied with a thriving Amish community. Visitors come to experience the way of life for many Americans, past and present.

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