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Across the U.S., universities and colleges are beginning to recognize the growing number of students who are interested in graduate study abroad, and are starting to pair with schools in other countries. By creating sister school partnerships, institutions allow themselves to offer students on both domestic and international campuses the ability to extend available study abroad programs to include graduate work. Students can also venture off on their own, finding graduate schools abroad that offer accredited programs. No matter what route you choose, you’ll need to prepare in advance with good research, a good program, and reliable travel medical insurance.

Finding a Graduate Study Abroad Program

When looking for graduate study abroad programs, you have a few options. One method of finding a school is to simply search online for schools in the particular country or city you are looking for. You can also look into the opportunities available through your undergraduate university.

Websites to Find the Right School

  • is a popular search site for students looking to study overseas. Not only can you search for graduate schools, but you can also limit the search to subject area, country and city.
  • allows you to search by city, country, program level and format, and subject area.

Earning your graduate degree abroad can offer its share of exciting opportunities and benefits. If you’re still weighing your options when it comes to graduate school, consider these “pros” about graduate study abroad at an international school:

International Graduate School

Benefit Explanation
It Can Be Cost Effective Depending on the programs you are interested in, studying abroad could cost the same or less than studying in the United States.
It Can Be Short Programs in other countries tend to take less time, which allows you to spend less money and get on with your life much quicker.
You’ll Gain Global Exposure Not only will you still receive an excellent education in the classroom, but you will also gain excellent perspective on international issues, a vital tool for surviving in an ever-changing world.
You’ll Have Unique Learning Experiences Studying under foreign professors will give you a different experience than the one you got in your American undergraduate program.

Preparing to Leave

If you will be studying at the sister school of a U.S. university, many of your room and board needs will be easy to arrange through the school’s international division. If you are striking out on your own to an international graduate school, there will be individuals at your campus of choice that can help you get situated in your new home. Whatever your situation, there are some key preparations you’ll need to make before leaving home.


Reason Explanation
Money Not only will you need money for tuition, but you will also probably have bills to pay. Save as much money as you can for emergencies, entertainment, and a souvenir or two. Also, be sure to look into teaching assistantships or any other work-study programs that you can enter to earn some extra money while abroad.
Insurance Since you are traveling to a foreign country, your domestic health and medical insurance will probably not cover you once you leave home. HCCMIS offers an international student insurance plan for graduate study abroad called StudentSecure®. StudentSecure insurance is offered with four levels of coverage so that students can choose an appropriate plan for their needs and their wallets.
A Place to Live Remember, if you don’t attend a graduate school through a U.S. institution, then you will probably have some extra responsibility when it comes to arranging a living situation. Your new institution is probably the place to start when looking for a new home.
Comforts from Home While you are away in a strange country, your favorite comfort foods, entertainment, and even the basic toiletries you are used to might be hard to find. Be sure to stock up on whatever you can’t go without while abroad.

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