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Making the decision to study abroad is an exciting and overwhelming process. There are so many things to remember and consider as you prepare to travel and study. One thing that many often overlook or forget is student travel insurance. There is a good chance that your domestic medical insurance plan will not follow you as you travel abroad, which is why you need to consider purchasing a student travel insurance plan.

Why Student Health Insurance?

When you travel abroad, you never really know what will happen. When you are overseas studying, you may become ill or injure yourself. While no one wants this to happen, it still can and you need to protect yourself in case this does happen to you. When you purchase a student travel health insurance plan, you are protecting yourself and avoiding the extremely high medical bills that can pile up when you have to visit a doctor or go to the hospital in a foreign country. You do not want to have to worry about these things as you travel and study, so put your mind at ease and purchase a student travel health insurance plan before you leave home.

Finding the right student travel insurance plan for you is key. When selecting the coverage plan that is right for you, keep in mind your budget, how often you get sick, if you are traveling with others, and what kind of things you need to have covered with your plan. Luckily, HCC Medical Insurance Services (HCCMIS) provides three different coverage options for those traveling abroad to study:

StudentSecure® Elite – StudentSecure Elite offers our most comprehensive benefits for students or scholars traveling abroad. In addition to a $500,000 maximum medical benefit and $500,000 emergency medical evacuation, it also provides 100% coverage within the PPO network and for claims incurred outside the U.S., as well as 80% prescription drug coverage, and personal liability up to $250,000.

StudentSecure Select – StudentSecure Select provides exceptional benefits at a lower price than StudentSecure Elite. It features $300,000 medical maximum and emergency medical evacuation benefits. StudentSecure Select also provides 80% coverage following the deductible for medical expenses and coverage for non-professional team sports up to $5,000 per injury/illness, in addition to many other useful benefits.

StudentSecure Budget – If you are traveling and studying abroad but need to be a little more budget conscious, StudentSecure Budget is the right choice for you. Just because it is a budget plan does not mean you need to sacrifice coverage that is valuable and necessary. StudentSecure Budget can provide you with great coverage at an affordable price.

StudentSecure Smart – For students looking for essential coverage, StudentSecure Smart may be the best option. You still get great coverage at an affordable price, but you are only paying for coverage you will need.

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Checklist for Stress-Free Student Travel

Going overseas to study abroad is a very exciting thing. As your big move approaches, you need to make sure you are ready. It’s easy to forget a few things while you prepare to make the big move. Here is a checklist for some things you are going to want to consider while you prepare yourself to study abroad:

Passport – In order to travel abroad, you have to have a passport. You can go to any local post office and fill out an application to receive your very important passport.

Visa – A lot of countries also require you to have a visa while you study abroad. Make sure you are aware of whether you need one or not. Check out the US Department of State website to learn whether or not you need a visa for your study abroad experience and learn more about the country you are visiting.

Packing – You will more than likely have a ton of things you want to take with you. Do not pack your entire life as you get ready to go overseas. Pack the things that you find are absolutely necessary for you. You can buy a lot of the stuff you will need, like toiletries, once you get to your new country, so leaving most of that stuff out of your packing can help you have a more stress-free travel. Be sure that you leave valuables that you do not need at home because you risk losing them or having them stolen when you travel.

See Your Doctor – Visit your doctor for a physical before you leave for your adventure. It is important for you to be in tip-top shape when you leave your home and go into unfamiliar territory. You should also take copies of your latest medical records with you when you leave.

Shots – Most countries require that all visitors, or at least extended stay visitors, take a number of shots. This is to protect both the visitor and the country’s citizens. Make sure you find out if there are any necessary shots that you need to take before you leave.

Itinerary and Overseas Information – Before you leave make copies of all your travel itineraries and contact information for your new home. You should then give copies of all these documents to your family and friends so they know how to contact you and know where you are. Obviously you probably will not be able to let them know all the time, but the more they know the less they will worry and the more freedom you will have.

Have Fun – Remember this time is all about discovering new places, cultures, and people. It is all about you and your education inside and outside the classroom, so enjoy it!

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