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The world is an ever-changing place. With technology on a continuous rise and instant communication becoming a bigger part of business than ever, students are beginning to notice the importance of travel and studying abroad. If you are going to travel to gain educational experience, why not get an internship? Students are turning to international internships abroad and work-study programs to gain invaluable global experience and build resumes. International work-study programs allow students the opportunity to study, earn money, and gain valuable work experience and skills at the same time.

HCC Medical Insurance Services offers an international student insurance plan which can fit the needs of those traveling to work and study abroad. StudentSecure® insurance comes with different plan options to fit the needs of any international student.

Work Study Programs Abroad – Best Countries

Surprisingly enough, most modernized countries offer a wide variety of internships for foreign students. Whether you’re looking for an English-speaking country or somewhere more exotic, check out this list of top work study destinations for American students:

Countries for Studying Abroad

  • Germany- Germany offers students a fast paced work environment in a country focused on growth and revitalization.
  • Argentina- Known for its breathtaking landscape, students traveling to Argentina are often looking for environmental studies experience.
  • Spain- Full of rich culture and people, Spain is a perfect place to learn world business and brush up on your Spanish skills.
  • The U.K. – The United Kingdom offers U.S. students a vast amount of internships and paid work opportunities within a comfortable, English-speaking setting.
  • Canada- Just a hop over the border, Canada offers a worldly work experience in a familiar environment a little closer to home.
  • Australia- For those students looking to be a little more daring, Australia is a perfect place to learn business skills, study graphic design, and see exotic wildlife.
  • Ireland- Ireland seems to be a mystical place to most people, but it offers a rich tradition and a fantastic place for students to grow.
  • France- The French are a world power and they know what they are doing when it comes to business. Any student should count himself or herself lucky to study in France.

No matter where you go, don’t forget to research international student insurance as you prepare to work and study abroad!

Work Study Destination Checklist

Studying in a foreign country can be disorienting enough, and you are preparing to work there. You’ll be busy in your temporary home, so you should do everything you can before leaving to ensure a smooth transition. Use this handy checklist to familiarize yourself with your destination and prepare for your international internship abroad or work-study abroad.

[ ] Language – Will you be able to communicate with your employers and teachers? Make sure English is spoken where you are going, or that you can learn enough of the local language to get by.

[ ] Medical Insurance – Regardless of where you go to work and study abroad, accidents and illnesses can happen particularly when you are changing from your regular environment. International student medical insurance can ensure that you have medical coverage for the services that you need in case you get sick or injured. Learn more about StudentSecure and find out if HCCMIS offers the type of international student insurance that you need.

[ ] Currency – What is the currency in your chosen country? Look into exchange rates with the U.S. dollar, and make sure you understand what is usual when it comes to pay rates for your job.

[ ] Dress Code – Business etiquette can change from place to place. Depending on what kind of work you’ll be doing, you might need a specific kind of wardrobe. It can also be helpful to learn what locals typically wear as a means of preparing for the local climate.

[ ] Calendar – Take a look at the calendar for your trip’s timeframe and figure out if there are any special holidays or celebrations scheduled in the country. You might get a day off work or school to celebrate, so you should understand how to spend that time.

[ ] Common Foods – Food is always an adventure when traveling abroad. Since you will likely be staying for a while to work and study, you will need to find something you enjoy eating on a regular basis.

[ ] Transportation – Getting to work or class on time is always important. Research public transportation and learn the routes from your residence to your office or classroom.

Need Help Finding a Program?

Finding a work-study program or international internship abroad can be a daunting task. There are websites and organizations designed to find the right program for you. offers several different travel abroad search options including Jobs Abroad. Take a look at their offerings and see if any work-study programs are available. offers a specific search for Internships Abroad. Check it out to read up on summer internships abroad, as well. Also, don’t forget to check out the HCCMIS blog for travel tips and destination guides!

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