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Policies and plans differ from insurance company to insurance company, which means that no two backpacker insurance policies are the same. It should not matter what type of backpacking or hiking you are going to be doing, your travel insurance should cover you and your adventure.

Atlas Travel Insurance


Customizable travel medical insurance for single trips.



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This is why HCCMIS offers Atlas Travel® insurance policies that can keep you covered for many sports. Many insurance companies will make you purchase a sports rider at additional cost to stay covered while you are exploring and having an adventure. However, when you purchase an Atlas Travel insurance plan you also receive backpacking insurance and hiking insurance that is designed to keep you covered as you embark on your adventure.

Benefits of Atlas Travel

As you are preparing for your backpacking trip, it is important to know and understand what your insurance actually covers you for, that you understand all of the benefits that you will receive, and that you have the right benefits. Policies and plans differ from insurance company to insurance company, which means that no two backpacker insurance policies are the same.

Atlas International® Insurance Benefits

Benefit Details
Deductibles You choose $0, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or $2,500 per Certificate Period
Coinsurance – Claims incurred in US or Canada 80% of the next $5,000 of Eligible Expenses after the Deductible, then 100% to the Overall Maximum Limit. 100% of eligible expenses if the PPO network is used
Coinsurance – Claims incurred outside US or Canada 100% of Eligible Expenses after the Deductible up to the Overall Maximum Limit
Hospital Room and Board Covered
Local Ambulance Covered
Hospital Indemnity $100 per day
Intensive Care Unit Covered
Outpatient Treatment Covered
Acute Onset of Pre-existing Condition (only available to age 70) Up to medical coverage maximum lifetime for eligible medical expenses.
$25,000 Lifetime Limit for Emergency Medical Evacuation
Physical Therapy $50 Maximum per visit
All Other Eligible Medical Expenses Usual, Reasonable and Customary charges
Emergency Dental Acute Onset of Pain - $250 limit per Certificate Period (not subject to Deductible or Coinsurance)
Accident - Overall Maximum Limit
Emergency Medical Evacuation $1,000,000 Maximum Lifetime Limit (not subject to Deductible or Coinsurance)
Emergency Reunion $50,000 limit per Certificate Period (not subject to Deductible or Coinsurance)
Return of Minor Children $50,000 limit per Certificate Period (not subject to Deductible or Coinsurance)
Political Evacuation $10,000 Maximum Lifetime Limit (not subject to Deductible or Coinsurance)
Terrorism $50,000 Maximum Lifetime Limit, Eligible Medical Expenses only
Accidental Death and Dismemberment (Not subject to deductible or coinsurance. Excludes loss due to common carrier accident.)

Members age 18 to 69:
Lifetime Maximum – $50,000
Death – $50,000
Loss of 2 Limbs – $50,000
Loss of 1 Limb – $25,000

Members under age 18:
Lifetime Maximum – $5,000
Death – $5,000
Loss of 2 Limbs – $5,000
Loss of 1 Limb – $2,500

Members age 70 to 74:
Lifetime Maximum – $12,500
Death – $12,500
Loss of 2 Limbs – $12,500
Loss of 1 Limb – $6,250

Members age 75 or older:
Lifetime Maximum – $6,250
Death – $6,250
Loss of 2 Limbs – $6,250
Loss of 1 Limb – $3,125

Common Carrier Accidental Death Members age 18 or older: $50,000 per Member
Members under age 18: $25,000 per Member
(Not subject to Deductible or Coinsurance. Subject to a Maximum of $250,000 for any one family.)
Repatriation of Remains Overall Maximum Limit (not subject to Deductible or Coinsurance)
Natural Disaster Benefit Maximum $100 a day for 5 days (not subject to Deductible or Coinsurance)
Trip Interruption $5,000 limit per Certificate Period
Trip Delay $100 for 12-hour delay requiring unplanned overnight stay (2 days maximum)
Lost Checked Luggage $250 limit per Certificate Period (not subject to Deductible or Coinsurance)
Maximum per Injury / Illness Age 80 or older: $10,000 (only available for Atlas International)
Age 70 to 79: $50,000 or $100,000
All others: $50,000, $100,000, $200,000, $500,000 or $1,000,000
Overall Maximum Limit per Certificate Period Age 80 or older: $10,000 (Atlas International only)
Age 70 to 79: $50,000 or $100,000
All others: $50,000, $100,000, $200,000, $500,000 or $1,000,000
Crisis Response $10,000 limit per Certificate Period; Additional $50,000 benefit also available
Personal Liability $10,000 lifetime limit; Additional $100,000 benefit also available
Bedside Visit $1,500 for economy ticket for family member visit if member admitted to ICU

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Atlas Travel® from HCCMIS

Finding the right backpacking insurance for your adventure should not be something you take lightly. In fact, for some backpackers, having insurance while you travel is not just a good idea but it is required. Depending on where you are traveling to and for how long, you may be required to show proof of your backpacking insurance. You never really know when an accident may happen that results in injuries or an illness, and you may be even more susceptible to these things when you are traveling abroad. Having insurance for backpacking can help you avoid high medical bills that can result from those injuries and illnesses.

At HCCMIS, we strive to provide you with just the right amount of coverage that you will need. When you purchase an Atlas Travel plan for your backpacking insurance needs, these are some of the benefits you will receive.

Guaranteed Issue : While many insurance companies will require you to have medical exams, submit your medical records, and answer health questions. At HCCMIS, we do not require these things.

100% Coverage : When you have an injury or if you become ill, HCCMIS covers all eligible medical conditions after you have met the deductible and any applicable co-insurance for out of network expenses, which means less pay out of pocket for you.

Emergency and Political Evacuation : Because injuries and illnesses can happen anywhere, you may not be close to the right medical facilities. This is why we can help make arrangements to get you to the help you need. The U.S. government also issues travel alerts and warnings for various reasons, and if you find yourself in a country that has been issued with a warning, we will help get you to a safe country or back to your home country.

Hospitalization : When an injury or illness forces you to seek treatment at a hospital or a doctor’s office, we will cover 100% of eligible conditions and treatment after your deductible when you use an in-network provider or are outside the U.S. If you are in the United States, but not within the PPO, a deductible and coinsurance apply.

Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions : Sometimes previous conditions that you have had in the past can suddenly reappear or worsen. Whether it is a previous injury or some sort illness, an Atlas Travel plan can provide you with coverage for eligible acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

Repatriation of Remains : In the event that you should pass away while you are backpacking, we will arrange to have your bodily remains transported home.

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Other Key Services

As you are searching for the best backpacking insurance plan for you and your trip, you need to consider what other benefits your plan comes with. At HCCMIS, we do not want to just provide you with backpacking insurance and send you on your way. Rather, we want to help you during the entire process of planning and actually partaking in your adventure, which is why we provide 24/7 customer service. Whether you have a question about choosing the right plan or about your current policy, our customer service specialists are available to answer your questions twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can reach us through any of these channels:

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We do not stop there, though. In fact, we go the extra mile to help you manage your plan. Through our Client Zone, you can change your personal information, renew your coverage, print off important documents and resources, reprint an identification card, locate providers, and pre-certify for certain medical conditions. The only things you need to use the Client Zone are your certificate or ID number, date of birth, and a password, if you have already created one.

We also provide our clients with a number of different travel assistance services that help make planning your trip easier and allow you to relax more while you are backpacking. Here are just a few of the travel assistance services we offer.

Travel Alerts and Warnings : The U.S. government, as mentioned above, does issue travel alerts and warnings based on a variety of factors, and we provide you access to this information on our web site so that you can stay informed.

Tracking Lost Luggage : Occasionally, airlines and other travel services do misplace your luggage, which can be a big deal because it leaves you without clothing and other belongings. We understand how difficult this situation is, which is why we provide you with assistance in tracking down your lost luggage.

Lost Passport and Travel Documents Assistance : Your passport, flight information, other tickets, birth certificate, and any other travel document you may need are extremely important. However, things happen, and these documents can be misplaced. When and if that happens, we can provide assistance in replacing these documents and helping you make the necessary plans to have them replaced.

Translation and Interpretation Assistance : Because you most likely will be backpacking in a foreign country, you might run into some language and communication issues. We can help make arrangements for you to have interpretation assistance, if you find yourself in a situation that requires it.

Pre-Trip Destination Information : Planning your trip can be stressful, which is why we provide you with some information about your destination before you even leave home. It is important to know what the weather is going to be like, if you need any vaccinations, if there are health risks, or if there are any travel restrictions.

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As you begin preparing for your backpacking trip, there are a lot of things you have to do: choose a destination(s), make travel arrangements, pack, and apply for and obtain a visa and other travel documents. One thing that often slips through the cracks is purchasing backpacker insurance. You are no doubt excited for your trip and really looking forward to strapping your pack on and hitting whatever trail it is you have planned. However, before you leave, you need to think about all of the injuries that could possibly happen while you are backpacking: twisted ankle, poison ivy, pack rash, heat rash, tendonitis, stress fractures, runner’s knee, back pain, parasite infections, dehydration, hamstring strain, and food poisoning. All of these injuries and illnesses can make your adventure much shorter than what you planned, especially if you do not have medical coverage that can help you take care of these issues.

At HCC Medical Insurance Services (HCCMIS) we know you are looking for an adventure, which means you need to be covered for adventure sports.

Insurance for backpacking is designed to help keep you safe while you travel. You may not know it, but your domestic medical plan most likely will not travel with you abroad and as a result, will not keep you covered as you are backpacking. Since you are embarking on an adventure, you are more susceptible to injuries and certain illnesses, which means you do not want to be in a foreign country without insurance when something goes wrong. Even in countries with free medicine and social healthcare policies, as a foreigner, you most likely will still have to pay, and you could be turned away if you do not have backpacker insurance.

As you prepare for your upcoming backpacking adventure, you are going to have a lot on your mind: where to go, what to see, what to pack, and booking your travel arrangements. One thing you want to keep in mind is staying covered while you travel and backpack. When you purchase a backpacking insurance plan like Atlas Travel, you are purchasing more than just insurance. You are purchasing travel benefits, and you are purchasing peace of mind. Just because you are in fit shape and hardly ever get sick does not mean that the unexpected cannot and will not happen. It is better to be prepared by purchasing insurance for backpacking rather than wishing you had purchased backpacking insurance.

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