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The morning air is still hanging over the mountain. You lace your shoes up, making sure they are tight. After you stretch, you look over the course. It is going to be steep and rugged, but that is why you love fell running. You love the challenge of pushing yourself uphill as fast you can.

While many insurance companies charge extra to cover extreme sports, Atlas Travel® insurance includes coverage for injuries that occur while fell running abroad...

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As you travel the world looking for the next great place to fell run, you need to stay insured. Many domestic insurance plans will not follow you abroad and may not keep you covered as you participate in fell running. Are you prepared to handle an emergency if you have a fell running accident or injury? Atlas Travel insurance from HCC Medical Insurance Services can give you peace of mind as you travel abroad and can keep you protected while you run.

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Many injuries can happen while fell running, including pulled calf muscles, knee pain, neck injuries, swollen knees, and many others. So ensuring you are protected by having medical insurance is an important part of planning your international trip. While many insurance companies charge extra to cover extreme sports, Atlas Travel insurance includes coverage for injuries that occur while fell running abroad at no additional charge. We offer several different Atlas Travel plans depending on your destination for fell running and how many are in your group. Atlas America® is designed for those whose travel includes the U.S. or Canada. If you are traveling outside of the U.S., we have Atlas International® insurance. Traveling with a group? If you have 5 or more in your group, you should check out Atlas Group® for a discounted rate!

Fell Running Locations

While you can technically fell run almost anywhere that an incline exists, most fell running takes place in the United Kingdom. If you are one of many needing fell running for beginners, here is a quick list of some famous places to go fell running:

Popular Locations

  • Ben Nevis - In the Scottish Highland, this mountain is the tallest mountain on the British Isle. Ben Nevis is commonly known to locals as “The Ben.” Fell running on Ben Nevis goes back to 1895 and each year Ben Nevis attracts an estimated 125,000 complete and 100,000 partial ascents per year by fell runners using the Mountain Track from Glen Nevis. Individuals can choose between two tracks as they explore the mountain. The Mountain Track is the most simple and popular route. The Mountain track starts at Achintee and ends up at the west flank of Ben Nevis.
  • Snowdon - Located in Llanberis, Wales, this mountain peak is home to a five-mile path that leads to the top. Snowdon is contained within the Snowdonia National Park. In addition to containing the highest mountain in Wales, the park also contains the largest natural lake in Wales. Snowdonia’s website provides a great list of mountain safety advice and maps for beginners and intermediates looking to go fell running. If you are looking for a challenge in the Welsh countryside, then this might just be the one for you!

Atlas Travel Coverage and Services

Are you planning on taking a short jaunt or a yearlong marathon for fell running training? Atlas International insurance and Atlas America insurance have great benefits for fell runners at no additional cost including coverage for eligible fell running accidents or illnesses. We offer some great coverage for fell runners like you.

At HCCMIS, we are experienced and efficient in handling international medical emergencies for our members. We have many years of experience caring for our members while they are on overseas adventures and coordinating their medical care in different languages and across borders. Atlas International insurance is great for international travel adventures with many benefits tailored to the sports enthusiast, including:

Benefits of Fell Running Coverage

  • Online quote, purchase, and fulfillment so you get the coverage you need in 5 minutes or less!
  • Up to $1 million in coverage for eligible injuries or illnesses
  • 100% coverage for eligible injuries and illnesses outside the U.S.
  • $1,000,000 in Emergency Medical Evacuation coverage
  • No copay for emergency room visits for injuries
  • Prescription medication coverage
  • Emergency ambulance transport coverage
  • Physical therapy coverage
  • Crisis response coverage
  • Personal liability coverage

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Key Benefits of Atlas Travel insurance from HCCMIS

Covered Benefits Provided With Atlas Travel insurance
Guaranteed acceptance Yes: No medical underwriting is required for eligible individuals. See the Description of Coverage for full eligibility
Coverage for pre-existing conditions (excludes chronic and congenital conditions) Limited: Up to medical coverage maximum lifetime maximum for eligible medical expenses for the acute onset of a pre-existing condition. See the Description of Coverage for more details.
100% coverage for accidents and injuries outside the U.S. Yes: We will pay 100% of eligible medical expenses after the deductible, up to the overall maximum limit of the policy. See the Description of Coverage for more details
100% coverage for accidents and injuries inside the PPO Yes: For eligible expenses within the PPO Network. See the Description of Coverage for more details.
Sports coverage at no additional charge Yes: Coverage for eligible injuries or illnesses related to sports activities. See the Description of Coverage for limitations.
Emergency medical evacuations available 24/7 Yes, $1,000,000 in coverage regardless of policy maximum.
Complete online enrollment capabilities & immediate fulfillment Yes: Selecting 'Yes' to online fulfillment when purchasing will ensure your policy information will be available to print once your application has been processed and your credit card approved.

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At HCCMIS, we understand the stress of planning a trip, which is why we offer 24/7 customer service that can help you find the right plan or answer any questions you may have about an existing plan. We also offer a number of travel assistance services that you might find helpful: pre-trip destination information, emergency cash transfers, medical monitoring, assistance in replacing passports and other travel documents, and many more! You can learn more about these and our other services by visiting our Customer Services page!

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