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Recent college graduates are finding the job market in the U.S. scarce. Many graduates are turning to an exciting alternative: teaching abroad! English has become a world language, and there is an increasing need for native English speakers to teach international citizens. Most programs only require a Bachelor’s degree for you to teach with their programs. Some programs work with specific schools and place you in a classroom with other native speakers, while other programs may place you in a home or business as a tutor.

While you work on your plan to teach abroad, you will need to make sure you have international insurance to cover your medical expenses. HCC Medical Insurance Services (HCCMIS) offers Atlas International Insurance for those traveling overseas. Atlas International® insurance offers many valuable benefits for those overseas including

Insurance Benefits

  • Physician’s office visits
  • Hospital room and board
  • Prescription medication
  • Emergency Dental
  • Emergency medical evacuation (a required benefit by most countries and academic institutions)
  • Political Evacuation and Terrorism coverage

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Teach Abroad Programs

Choosing the right teaching abroad program is very crucial. You want to make sure you will be in a country you want to visit, with a language you want to learn about, and part of program that fits all your needs. Finding the right one can be tedious, so we’ve made a list of a few good programs to help you out:

1. Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI) – Through Greenheart, CCI’s travel and teach abroad program, you get to live and teach English in one of five foreign countries while experiencing the native culture.

2. InterExchange – InterExchange offers you the chance to teach in not only a structured classroom, but also in a more relaxed tutor atmosphere. With teaching positions in nine different countries, this program is designed for beginning teachers who might benefit from a little support and help.

3. Sister Schools – Many U.S. universities have partnerships with sister schools in foreign countries. As a part of their arrangement, it’s likely that the schools exchange faculty on a regular rate. If you’re a professor looking for some excitement, this is the choice for you.

Requirements for International Teaching Jobs

Making the decision to teach abroad can take you to any number of different countries. Depending on the program you enter, your experiences can range widely, but most international teaching jobs share a certain set of key requirements for their teachers.

Teaching Requirements

  • A College Degree - Almost every program requires its teachers to have a college degree. Your degree doesn’t have to be in Education or English, but you must have a bachelor’s degree to participate in most programs. Of course, faculty exchange programs between sister universities will have higher standards.
  • Willingness to Teach - You might not have gone to college to learn how to teach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. If you don’t have any desire to be in the classroom, then teaching abroad is not for you. Programs look for people who are not only excited about traveling, but also about teaching.
  • Insurance - When traveling abroad, it is always a smart decision to have insurance. HCCMIS offers Atlas International Insurance, a travel medical insurance policy with great medical benefits.
  • Up-Front Money - Some programs require you to get to your destination on you own, and some programs require you to pay an application fee. Make sure to research what your responsibilities will be and find a program that works with your budget.
  • Patience - Above all else, international teaching positions require plenty of patience, especially if you aren’t experienced in teaching. You will be working with citizens of a different country who share a different culture and speak a different language. They will need a teacher who can give them the time and energy they require to learn English.

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