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U.K. travel insurance provides access to a growing network of international healthcare providers to make sure your trip is not hampered by unnecessary medical expenses. In the case of a medical incident, it covers your costs up to the policy maximum. Lost luggage assistance is another benefit of U.K. travel insurance. By replacing clothes and personal hygiene items lost by the airlines, it keeps your trip on track.

Why Buy U.K. Travel Insurance?

  • While travelling, you will want to guarantee access to medical care. U.K. travel insurance covers eligible medical expenses up to your policy maximum and has a constantly expanding network of international providers able to offer treatment.
  • A sometimes unavoidable consequence of flying is that airlines lose luggage. U.K. travel insurance will cover the replacement cost of eligible clothes and personal hygiene items so you can continue your holiday without further inconvenience.
  • U.K. travel insurance also helps you plan for the unthinkable. We will pay eligible medical expenses for the treatment of injuries or illnesses resulting from an act of terror up to a $50,000 lifetime maximum.

Who Needs U.K. Travel Insurance

  • History buffs who follow the trail of the U.K.'s historical sites
  • Dedicated professors who excavate the truth
  • A progressive adventure traveler who is not afraid to chart their own path

Compare UK Travel Insurance Policies

Covered Benefits Provided With Atlas Travel® Atlas Travel® Competitors
Guaranteed Acceptance Yes: No medical underwriting is required for eligible individuals. See the Description of Coverage for full eligibility. Yes. Some companies offer guaranteed issue policies.
Coverage for pre-existing conditions (excludes chronic and congenital conditions) Limited: Up to medical coverage maximum lifetime for the eligible medical expense for the acute onset of a pre-existing condition. See the Description of Coverage for more details. Coverage Varies. Some companies offer no coverage or very little coverage for pre-existing conditions to non-U.S. citizens and coverage amounts can be as little as $2,500.
100% coverage for accidents and injuries outside the U.S. Yes: We will pay 100% of eligible medical expenses after the deductible, up to the overall maximum limit of the policy. See the Description of Coverage for more details. Coverage Varies. Some companies expect members to pay coinsurance outside the U.S. even when using their PPO network
100% coverage for accidents and injuries inside the PPO Yes: For eligible expenses within the PPO Network. See the Description of Coverage for more details. Coverage Varies. Some companies expect members to pay coinsurance even within the PPO.
Sports coverage at no additional charge Yes: Coverage for eligible injuries or illnesses related to sports activities. See the Description of Coverage for limitations. No. Up to 20% additional cost to add coverage for sports
Emergency medical evacuations available 24/7 Yes, $1,000,000 in cover regardless of policy maximum Yes, but coverage amounts for medical evacuation are much lower.
Crisis response benefit Yes: $10,000 certificate period maximum covering losses resulting from kidnapping or express kidnapping. No. Competitor travel medical plans do not include a crisis response benefit.
Personal liability benefit Yes: $10,000 lifetime maximum covering losses due to a third-party injury or damage/loss of third-party personal property or related-third-party personal property. This benefit applies only for court-entered eligible judgments or approved settlements. No. Competitor travel medical plans do not include a crisis response benefit.

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6 Great Places to Experience U.K. History

For many American travelers, London is a popular destination for sampling the sights and sounds of Europe. Of course, there is more to the United Kingdom than shopping and eating in the capital of England, which boasts a distinctly rich historical fabric. The following is a list of six great places to experience a bit of British history.²

facts about exploring the uk for historical places

The Tower of London

Though it is not the only place worth visiting in the United Kingdom, London should not be ignored by those in search of a historical adventure. The Tower of London is one of the capital’s most notable landmarks. Built some 930 years ago, the Tower is London’s top tourist attraction. The historical importance of the building is considerable, having been constructed as a defensive fort by William the Conqueror. It later became the official residence of the king, a jail, an astronomical observatory and even a zoo. Famous former inmates include Guy Fawkes, Henry VI and Sir Walter Raleigh. The British Crown Jewels are currently on display in the tower.

Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament, another historically important tourist attraction in London, have been standing in some form for nearly 1,000 years. Westminster Hall is the oldest surviving section of the building, which was ravaged by a fire in 1834. Although open to the public, the Houses are working buildings which serve important political, legal and royal functions.

Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire

Situated near Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral is a truly impressive building. Boasting the tallest spire in Britain at 404 feet, the gothic-style cathedral comprises 332 steps to the lofty base of the spire. It also offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Salisbury Cathedral features several museums, in which the oldest working clock in Europe (c. 1380) and best-preserved copy of the Magna Carta (1215) are on display.

uk travel insurance tips on places to visit

Stonehenge, Wiltshire

There is arguably no more historic place in the U.K. than Stonehenge, which in 1986 became a World Heritage Site. Set in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside on Salisbury Plain, Stonehenge is estimated to be around 4,000 years old. Nobody knows for certain who built the megalithic monument. Mystery also surrounds the purpose of the ancient stone cromlech and how it was constructed.

Hadrian’s Wall

Another World Heritage Site, Hadrian’s Wall was constructed nearly 2,000 years ago on orders of the Roman emperor Hadrian. It was intended to establish a customs post between Scotland and England (notwithstanding the myth that he wanted to protect Roman Britain from Scottish marauders).

The Roman Baths, Bath
The English city of Bath is home to the Roman Baths, an even more impressive reminder of Roman occupation than Hadrian’s Wall. The Roman Baths are comprised of four main sections:

  • The Roman Temple
  • Sacred Springs
  • Roman Bath House
  • Roman Baths Museum

The buildings are popular among tourists, entertaining about one million visitors every year. The grandeur of the Roman Baths is truly a sight to behold.

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