Coverage for Short and Long Term Mission Trips

Missionaries often venture into locations where disease is prominent, wild animals are prevalent, and medical care is limited. For these reasons, travel insurance is a good investment for those who choose to go abroad to help others.

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Short Term Mission Trip Coverage

Even if your mission trip is only a few days, travel medical insurance is still a good idea. Missionaries are exposed to some things that leisure travelers are not, making travel medical insurance even more important. Here are a few services that missionaries might need:

  • Medical coverage: No one likes to think about getting hurt while on vacation, especially not while they are trying to help others. However, it is just as easy to get hurt abroad as it is to get hurt at home, and sometimes even easier in certain instances. For example, you may be working in a construction site where an accident can happen easily. You may be working at a medical clinic where you’re exposed to an unfamiliar disease. You may contract a parasite from drinking unclean water. Missionaries travel to some of the most dangerous areas in the world, and for this reason, medical coverage is very important.

  • Evacuation: If doctors at the hospital where you are being treated do not have the knowledge or tools to help you recover properly, you may have to be moved to another country for treatment. This could be costly, but insurance should help you cover the fees.

  • Accidental death and dismemberment: Though this is a morbid thought, it is not out of the realm of possibility that a missionary dies or loses a limb while on a mission trip. AD&D insurance will compensate the victim or the family of the victim in case of accident or death.

  • Repatriation of remains: This goes along with accidental death. If you were to die while on your mission, this would cover some of the cost of transporting your remains home, so your family could do it with little hassle.

  • Trip interruption: If your principal residence is damaged and you need to return home to take care of the situation, or if an immediate family member dies while you are serving abroad, trip interruption coverage will help pay for your return home.

  • Lost luggage: This is many people’s worst fear. Your plane arrives, but your luggage does not. While you wait for the airlines to get your luggage to you, this coverage can help you pay for replacement necessities.

  • Travel assistance services: This can offer everything from interpretation services, to keeping in touch with family members updated on your condition, to hospital referrals, and travel document replacement; these services can be invaluable on your mission trip.

  • To see the full list, check out Missionary Insurance.

Long Term Mission Trip Coverage

Missionaries on long term mission trips (one year or more) need to consider everything listed above. However, there are some extra considerations you should take as well.

  • Will your mission trip take you to different locations in the same country or different countries? If so, you may be flying several times over the course of your trip. This means that lost baggage coverage will be especially valuable.

  • Most travel medical insurance can only cover you for up to one year – Atlas Travel insurance, for example – so you’ll want your plan to be renewable. This way, you can get the coverage you originally wanted relatively hassle-free from year to year.

  • Being abroad longer increases chances of accident, illness or injury at your destination. It allows more time for the acute onset of a preexisting condition to occur, or for you to become careless and accidentally drink polluted water. Don’t slack on your travel medical insurance just because something hasn’t happened yet. Being protected is always the safest bet, even if nothing ever happens.

Atlas Travel from HCCMIS

Atlas International provides all of these services for both long term and short term missionaries, and for that reason it is the ideal choice. Visit our Atlas International page or call a representative at (number?) if you have more questions.

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