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International missionary travel for any reason is a huge undertaking. There is so much to prepare and pack, so many details to remember, that something important is bound to be forgotten. This is especially true for missionary travel which often involves bringing extra luggage containing work tools, school supplies, technological or medical equipment.

We cannot pack your bags for your mission trip, but we can help you keep track of all of the important stuff you will need to take care of before heading out.


Passport - Your passport is valid and up-to-date.

  • Check the expiration date. Do you need a new passport?

  • Has your name changed since your passport was issued? The U.S. Customs and Border Protection website has detailed information to help you make sure everything is in order. Atlas Travel insurance offers lost passport and travel document assistance to help you replace your passport, birth certificate, and other travel-related documents.

Visa - All paperwork has been filed with your destination's government for a visa.

  • If you are planning a long-term trip, check the U.S. Department of State's website to find out if your destination requires that you apply for a visa.

  • Even if your trip is short-term, be sure to double check any visa requirements for your destination. Atlas Travel offers embassy and consulate referrals as well as a visa letter showing proof of insurance which is often required if you are traveling to a country requiring a visa to enter.

Airline Tickets - Your airline tickets have been purchased and all connections line up.

  • Do not forget to buy your plane tickets! Start shopping early to guarantee the best prices.

  • Since you are traveling internationally, chances are good that you will have some connections along the way. Double-check your schedule so you will have enough time between flights to transfer. If your travel documents get lost, our Travel Assistance Services through our World Service Center will help you locate and recover the lost documents so you can get back to the important work that needs to be done.

Missionary Health Insurance

  • If you are taking a short term mission trip, consider Atlas Travel insurance for your international travel medical insurance needs. Atlas Travel insurance also offers worldwide coverage and is intended for accidents and illnesses that occur while you are traveling outside your home country. Since Atlas Travel insurance can be purchased for a minimum of 5 days, it is great for those looking for short-term insurance. Atlas Travel also includes coverage for sports and adventure activities at no additional charge for individuals looking to experience local adventures in their free time.

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Personal Gear

Clothing - You have packed enough clothing appropriate for your work and destination.

  • Learn as much as you can about your destination and make sure that the clothes you have packed are appropriate.

  • Consider bringing some travel detergent to wash clothes and save space in your luggage. Atlas Travel offers a lost checked luggage benefit for lost clothes and personal hygiene items and assistance locating your luggage as a Travel Assistance Service through our World Service Center.

Toiletries - Will the toiletries you packed meet travel security requirements and will last for your entire mission trip?

  • If you need carry-on toiletries on the plan, review the guidelines posted on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website.

  • You might not be able to buy more toiletries while working, so pack accordingly.

Medicine - Any medication you require is packed and easily accessible.

  • If you take a prescription medication, it is important that you keep it with you at all times.

  • Prepare for any aches, pains and emergencies you might encounter. Bring pain relievers, antacids, nausea medicine, or anything else you think you might need.

Power Adapters - If you are bringing electronics, you have an adapter to fit your destination's outlets.

  • The plugs on your electronics will not fit in international outlets. If you travel a lot, consider picking up an adapter set to prepare you for any strange power sources you encounter.

Money -

  • You have brought the proper currency for your destination, or some money to exchange upon arrival and you know where to exchange it.

Entertainment - You have packed a book or something to entertain you on your long flights.

  • International flights are long and boring. Even if you are flying at night, you might not be able to sleep. Do not get caught without a book or some music for the journey.

  • If you do bring entertainment of some kind, make sure that it is not something irreplaceable that can be lost, damaged or stolen while abroad.

Missionary Supplies

Tools - If you are responsible to provide tools for your work, you have packed them.

  • Missionary work that includes doing construction work are expected to bring tools with them. The same is true for medical mission trips. Find out if you need to bring anything with you on your trip.

Resources - Any books and guides necessary for your work are packed and organized.

  • If you will be dealing with people who do not speak your language, bring some sort of translation aid.

  • Construction guides, medical references and educational resources can all be helpful, depending on your type of work.

Camping Gear - If you need some sleeping supplies, you have it.

  • Sometimes, missionaries find themselves sleeping in churches, clinics, schools, and community centers while on their trips. Find out ahead of time what your sleeping situation will be and bring along anything you can to make it more comfortable.

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