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Parents and relatives living overseas often visit their children, grandchildren, and other friends or family in the U.S. However, there is always a risk of hospitalization for unexpected injuries or sicknesses as a U.S. visitor. If your parents are visiting the USA, purchasing health insurance for their stay can protect your family from incurring the financial burden should a parent need to visit the doctor or be hospitalized.

Atlas Travel visitors insurance from Tokio Marine HCC Medical Insurance Services Group is hassle-free dependable medical coverage for your parents’ next trip to the United States. International travel can be risky, and when traveling outside of their home country, a visitors insurance plan for your parents can protect against the unexpected illness and injury.

Featuring direct billing from hundreds of U.S. medical providers, no medical underwriting, and easy online enrollment, an Atlas Travel visitors insurance policy can provide peace of mind for you and your family as your parents enjoy their time in the U.S.

Why purchase visitors insurance for my parents?

Your parents’ medical insurance will most likely not travel with them. According to the U.S. Department of State, many medical providers do not cover medical costs outside your home country—meaning an unexpected injury or illness during your parents’ time in the U.S. could mean thousands of dollars in medical bills. Additionally, as parents are not considered dependents, you will not be able to add them to your U.S. domestic health insurance policy while they are visiting you in the States.

That’s where Atlas Travel visitors insurance comes into play. In order to receive quality, affordable healthcare while visiting the U.S., your parents will need visitors insurance coverage. Purchasing a visitors insurance policy for your parents will give you peace of mind as they travel and stay with you in the USA.

How should I purchase USA visitors insurance for my parents?

Since your parents may not be familiar with the way medical insurance works in the USA, you may find yourself purchasing the plan(s) for them. You may complete the application for an Atlas Travel visitors insurance policy on behalf of your parents and make the payment using your credit card. The following are some suggestions to help ease the purchase process.

Look for higher coverage limits

When purchasing visitors insurance for your parents, look for higher policy maximums. Typically, a $100,000 policy maximum is preferred, depending on your parents’ length of stay, ages, and activities.
Also be sure to note that coverage maximums are limited for parents aged 80 and older. An Atlas Travel visitors insurance policy for a parent 80 years or older offers a maximum of $10,000.

Purchase separate policies

When purchasing Atlas Travel, both parents will have separate policies, even if they are purchased together. Should one parent need to return home early or cut the trip short for any reason, you will then be able to cancel one policy while the other parent’s plan remains active.

Featured benefits of an Atlas Travel visitors insurance policy

Visitor health insurance like Atlas Travel visitors insurance offers a comprehensive list of both medical and travel-related benefits for your parents’ trip to the U.S., including the following:

Inpatient Hospitalization

If your visiting parent requires hospitalization, an Atlas Travel visitors insurance policy will cover hospitalization costs, including:

  • Daily room and board and nursing services in a regular hospital room

  • Daily room and board and nursing services in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

  • Use of a treatment or recovery room

  • Emergency treatment of an injury

Eligible Medical Expenses

At Atlas Travel visitors insurance plan will cover a variety of medical expenses for your visiting parents should they become ill or injured unexpectedly. Common expenses include:
  • Diagnostic testing using radiology, ultrasonographic or laboratory services

  • Oxygen or other gasses administered by or under the supervision of a physician

  • Prescription drugs for the treatment of a covered injury or illness

  • Care in an extended care facility

  • Home nursing care by a qualified licensed professional from a home health care agency

  • Emergency local ambulance transport

  • Rental of medically-necessary equipment such as a hospital bed or a wheelchair

Lost Luggage

If an airline or cruise line carrier loses your parents’ baggage, Tokio Marine HCC-MIS Group will pay up to $500 for the replacement of clothes and personal hygiene items.

Trip Interruption

For those insured under Atlas Travel, Tokio Marine HCC-MIS Group will pay for a return ticket to your parents’ principal residence if there is damage to their principal residence or a death in your family. The trip interruption benefit can also be claimed following an emergency medical evacuation. Trip interruption following an emergency medical evacuation is provided if the attending physician states it is medically necessary for your parents to return to their home country for recuperation, treatment, and recovery.

Atlas Travel visitors insurance for visiting parents provides additional medical benefits like:

  • Doctor’s office visits
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgery
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Personal liability coverage
  • Bedside visits

See the full Description of Coverage or the Atlas Travel product page for a full list of benefits.


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