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The United States has a constant stream of visitors entering and departing the country. Some visitors come to find work, to conduct business, to study, or to play tourist, but one thing all of these visitors have in common is that they are required to provide proof of health insurance when applying for their visas. When traveling abroad, you need to know if you are fully covered by your insurance. In most cases, your health insurance won’t cover you when you leave your country and travel to others. Before you embark on your trip, you need to make sure that you are doing so safely. Review your health insurance coverage and determine if you need to purchase separate travel insurance while you are in the United States. It is important to keep track of the different things you should consider when reviewing your insurance coverage.

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If your insurance policy does not cover you abroad, it is a good idea to consider purchasing a short-term policy that does. U.S. Department of State


Often, your insurance won’t follow you when you leave your country, so the moment you depart, you are not covered in the event of illness, injury, or natural disaster. It can make a world of difference to have insurance coverage while travelling. Be sure to check your insurance policy to see if you are covered while traveling internationally.


Typically, you can find a visitor insurance plan to cover you while you stay and work within the United States. Work can mean accidents and, in most cases, your employer will cover any damages you receive because of work. However, just because you are coming to the United States to work, it doesn’t mean you will be at work 24/7. You need to have a good insurance plan to cover you when you’re in the United States exploring the many different areas of the country and experiencing American culture.


While you are in the United States for education, you may not be able to afford a high premium plan. You can find student-specific insurance plans that are affordable while still granting great coverage. Consider where you will be studying and what you will be doing. If you plan to study in, say, Colorado and intend to try hiking or rock-climbing in the mountains, it’s an especially good idea to purchase insurance should an accident occur. Paying for an education is expensive enough and you do not also want to pay for high medical bills.


It is very common for people to travel to the U.S. for sporting events. Athletes need to make sure they can participate safely knowing that they have coverage while they do what they love. Being able to give your all to your sport is important and having proper coverage will help you focus on doing your best instead of whether or not you are covered. Check with your insurance provider to see if participating in sporting events is covered under your policy.


No matter where you go in the United States or what activities you are planning for your stay, having insurance to cover you as you have fun within the States can help put your mind at ease. Perhaps you are planning on spending your vacation on one of the U.S. coastlines and wish to spend a lot of time at sea. Maybe you’ll go snorkeling, boating, fishing, or swimming. Maybe you’re interested in the United States wildlife and parks and are planning on exploring them by camping, hiking, or hunting. Whatever you plan on doing, being prepared to handle any accidents or injuries during your stay is important.

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need?

1Finding the Right Plan What to Look For When Comparing

Whether your trip is for an extended period of time, or a short one, there are numerous options when it comes to insurance plans. While you stay in another country, you can receive coverage for the length of your stay or longer. Most insurance plans are tailored to the specific need you have and what your purposes of visiting the U.S. are. The types of insurance plans depend on what you need, so do some research to figure out what kind of plan is best for you.

Travel: Whether you are coming into the U.S. or another country, traveling can sometimes lead to accidents. Some can be as minimal as lost baggage, but some can be more serious and involve injuries and illness. Either way, anything can happen, so you need to make sure you are covered while you travel the world. If you are primarily traveling for fairly short time periods, you should consider taking the travel insurance route like Atlas America insurance.

Visitor: Visitor insurance can be broken down into different sections. Depending on your purposes, you can find plans that are better suited to help you in your specific situation. You may be planning on a quick business visit or an extended period for study.

Student: Many students find plans that are designed for them specifically. One major aspect of student visitor insurance plans is that payment methods are tailored to keep premiums and payments low while still offering high quality coverage. If you’re coming to stay at a university or stay with a host family, you are probably going to be bringing a fair amount of your belongings with you. Many student insurance plans can keep your personal effects covered so you don’t have to worry about them while you worry about your studies.

Business or Work: Business and work visa insurance plans come tailored to your times of travel. Whether you are going to be on your visa for a week, three months, or a year, you need to make sure that you are covered for the entire duration of your trip. You may not know it, but your domestic plan probably will not cover you as you travel for business or to a new job. The best way to make sure you stay covered as you travel is to purchase a visitors insurance plan.

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Getting the Best Coverage

2Getting the Best Types of Visitor Insurance

Even if your insurance policy does cover all the things you are anticipating doing during your trip to the United States, is it the very best coverage for you? Your insurance company is great for you while you are home, but coverage might decrease significantly if you are out of the country. Check out other travel insurance options to see if there is a better one for you and your traveling purposes.
HCC Medical Insurance Services (HCCMIS) offers you extensive coverage no matter what your business is in the United States. Covering travel, activities, and other accidents that may occur while you are enjoying your trip is extremely important.
When reviewing insurance policies, you can expect to find three main types of insurance plans: fixed, comprehensive, and accidental coverage. Each of these typically operates under separate payment plans with varying premiums. Any plan may be better for you than the others, but be sure that you understand the logistics of each type:

  • Fixed Coverage: In a fixed coverage plan, your entire coverage amount is predetermined for each type of medical service. These plans are typically cheaper, but you may have to pay more for your deductible depending on the type of service you receive.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: In a comprehensive coverage plan, you receive more coverage. The deductible ratio changes from company to company and plan to plan. You should be looking for a plan that allows you to pay the smallest amount possible.
  • Accidental Coverage: In this insurance situation, you will be covered if you sustain bodily damage or an accidental death occurs.

As you prepare to travel to the U.S. under a visitor’s visa, you have a lot of requirements and other items you need to take care of. Sometimes details, like purchasing visitor insurance, can be overlooked. However, when you forget to or neglect to purchase visitor’s insurance, it could result in the denial of your visa application. In many cases, you may need to purchase insurance as one of the visa requirements. Even if you are not required to purchase visitor insurance, it is still a great idea to have it while you travel and live abroad in the U.S. Just keep in mind as you look for the best coverage to review policies and plans to make sure you have the most affordable and best solution out there. You need and want to stay protected in the U.S., so take your time and choose the best insurance plan.

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