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5 Things Your Travel Insurance Company Won't Tell You

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5 Things Your Travel Insurance Company Won't Tell You

Purchasing travel medical insurance is an important step when planning an international excursion. Most policies come with a standard menu of coverage, which includes accident and injury protection and emergency medical evacuation. But some policies provide additional benefits you may not be aware of – and they could be the difference in your out-of-pocket expenses should you need care. Below are five things your travel insurance company won’t tell you (but you should know to maximize your protection).

  1. Sports Coverage is Available (within reason) – Some policies provide sports coverage if you hurt yourself in the course of common activities. Skiing and soccer, for example, are typically considered within reason. On the other hand, if your intent is to go bungee jumping or hang gliding, your policy may not cover activities deemed “extreme.” And sports coverage doesn’t extend to another person you may hurt in the course of these activities. You’ll likely need a separate liability policy if you think that’s a possibility.
  2. Luggage Protection (again, within reason) – As part of your travel medical policy, some plans also include luggage protection as an added bonus. An airline losing your luggage domestically is one thing; at an international level you might encounter more challenges. Luggage protection does, however, have limits. If the insurance company deems that you were exhibiting reckless behavior, which resulted in damaged or lost baggage, your claim may be denied. The solution is simple: take care of your luggage. It something happens that’s not your fault, coverage is available.
  3. Be Responsible – Common sense is always best. If you buy a policy before a trip, and then proceed to spend the vacation doing things you shouldn’t – resulting in an accident – don’t be surprised if your claim is denied. Spending the day in a German biergarten and then proceeding to ram your rental car into a wall, sending you to the hospital? Don’t expect your insurance provider to be sympathetic.
  4. Natural Disasters Aren’t Your Fault – You plan a trip months in advance to a remote region of Tibet. Two days after you arrive, a volcano erupts and you’re forced to be evacuated. Most policies provide coverage to help offset the unexpected costs that occur following a natural disaster.
  5. Emergency Dental is Available – Even in domestic insurance policies, dental coverage is often an afterthought. While you wouldn’t schedule a cleaning while visiting family in Ireland, most policies do contain some form of emergency dental coverage. If that sore tooth suddenly turns into an infection, you should have options.


If you’re planning an international trip, Atlas Travel Insurance covers natural disasters as part of its standard benefit offering. Also, adventure activities are covered at no additional charge for eligible injuries and illnesses. Would you like to learn more? Click here to download our free brochure that covers:

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  • How to enroll


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