Improvements to Atlas Travel® Series

Posted by on in Insurance

At HCCMIS, we work hard to bring you products that will match your needs. With that in mind, we recently announced some improvements for our Atlas Travel Series. You can find an overview of the improvements in the video above. For more detailed information, keep on reading!

Increased age limits

To make our products more accessible, we increased the age limit for Atlas America® and Atlas MultiTripTM. Now, you can be covered by Atlas America until you are 79 years old, and Atlas MultiTrip until you are 75 years old.

Coverage improvements

For those purchasing the Atlas Travel Series, acute onset of pre-existing medical condition coverage has been increased to $20,000 up from $15,000. Acute onset of dental pain coverage has also been increased from $100 to $250. This means that when you have a dormant pre-existing condition surface again, we will be there to cover you. The same is valid for sudden dental pain.

Extreme sports coverage

Previously, additional sports coverage was offered separately if you wanted to be covered while entertaining yourself with a rush of adrenaline. Now Atlas Travel Series covers you whether you are climbing mountains or zip lining between the trees.


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