Corporate Travel Insurance: Five Reasons You Need Coverage

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You are 30,000 feet in the air reviewing your presentation for an upcoming meeting in Brussels, Belgium. As the plane begins to descend, you experience shortness of breath. By the time the plane lands, you need to go to the hospital. A situation like this is one of several reasons corporate travel insurance is critical when journeying internationally. Below are five reasons you can’t leave home without it:

Medical Emergency

The mentioned scenario is not uncommon. Corporate travel insurance also protects you from the more mundane occurrences. A misstep on the stairs could lead to a broken bone. A quality insurance policy protects you and your organization from sizeable, unexpected hospital expenses.

Personal Tragedy

Many executives take their families with them on overseas business trips. In the unfortunate event that a loved one becomes ill while in another country, it is reassuring to know that they will receive the best care possible without being overwhelmed by the financial concerns.


Natural disasters strike without warning. In the event that you’re affected by extreme weather, corporate travel insurance can alleviate some of the burden.

Political Unrest

Your business may have little to do with the politics of a country, but that doesn’t mean a country’s politics won’t affect your business. If the two factions meet and you end up suffering from an unstable situation, a good policy could be your best defense.

Work-Related Changes

You may have planned to be in your overseas assignment for just a few days. Sometimes a few days can turn in to a few weeks. Being prepared for the unexpected ensures you won’t fall prey to surprises.

You want to make the most of your international business trip. Corporate travel insurance is a simple way to plan for success.

*Source: “Travel Insurance: Protecting Business Travelers from the Unforeseen” United States Travel Insurance Association ( Accessed October 6, 2011


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