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Insurance for Extreme Sports

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Insurance for Extreme Sports

You love the adrenaline rush of competitive exercise, but simple sports like basketball or tennis are not enough to satisfy you. You long for the next big thrill, whether it comes from mountain biking, dune sliding, or running with the bulls. Luckily, HCCMIS Atlas Travel ® now includes insurance for extreme sports . If your love for extreme sports takes you abroad, you should consider extra coverage.

You may think that purchasing extra insurance is not necessary, but here are some things to think about when deciding whether or not to buy insurance for the extreme sports you love.

Current coverage will not travel with you:

Did you know that a majority of domestic insurance policies will not cover your competition while you travel outside of the U.S.? Purchasing an Atlas Travel policy will not only protect your time at play while you travel, but it will also fill gaps in your current coverage.

Protect yourself from yourself and others:

Let's face it, people are error-prone. When engaging in extreme sports, adrenalin may drive you to take on a challenge beyond your capabilities. Your companions and others around you could also expose you to increased risk of injury. While an Atlas Travel policy may not prevent the injury itself, it can help ease the financial pain.

Protect your finances:

If you are injured while mountain climbing, the financial fallout could be devastating, but you need to focus on your healing, not your checkbook! Insurance for extreme sports can help ease your worries and your bank balance in the case of an unfortunate accident.

Focus on your game:

With all those worries taken out of your mind, you will avoid juggling numbers when you should be focused on the next secure rock on the mountain to use as a handhold. An Atlas Travel policy will help you focus on your sport, whether you are gliding through the air or climbing up a mountain.

With all these reasons to consider purchasing insurance for extreme sports, it is clear that you should consider Atlas Travel from HCCMIS.


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