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Three Reasons Why You Should Buy Travel Medical Insurance

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Three Reasons Why You Should Buy Travel Medical Insurance

Your bags are packed. You have your passport, identification, boarding pass, and traveler’s checks in hand. You have meticulously planned a detailed itinerary of each visit and activity during your trip. You are ready to go!

Or are you? If you travel abroad, it is highly likely that your current major medical coverage will not travel with you. You might have heard of travel medical insurance in the past, but you could still be wondering, “Why buy it?” There are plenty of great reasons to keep yourself covered while you travel abroad. Here are just a few of our favorites:

It could save you money

Some people run the odds in their heads and assume an accident will not happen to them. However, if you do need medical treatment while abroad (even for something like a fractured ankle), you could incur over $50,000 worth of treatment! If you have travel medical insurance coverage, your total cost for the same treatment could be as low as $1,000.

Peace of mind

While your vacation abroad is the perfect time to relax and enjoy new sights and foreign cultures, there can still be stress associated with international travel. Proper insurance coverage will give you one less thing to worry about, leading to a much more relaxing vacation!

It will get you home safely

In the event of a terrible accident, natural disaster, or state of emergency, a great travel policy can make sure that you get home safely. By covering costs of medical transport and emergency evacuation, you will be sure to get to safety and any treatment you may need.


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