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Travel Medical Insurance for Parents Visiting the U.S.

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Travel Medical Insurance for Parents Visiting the U.S.

It's wonderful to receive a visit from parents who live in a foreign country, but don't forget to have a travel medical insurance policy in place to help cover any unexpected medical costs that might arise while they're in the U.S.

When your parents travel, it's likely their domestic medical insurance policy will no longer cover them once they've left their home country. U.S. medical care is among the most costly in the world, and a simple fall could send your parents to the hospital, leaving them with large medical bills.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that, while "planning for every possible contingency is impossible, travelers can reduce the cost of a medical emergency" by purchasing travel medical insurance.

Prepare for the unexpected

Everyone who visits the U.S. as a tourist needs travel medical insurance coverage because illnesses are unpredictable, says Svetlana Stein, owner of L&B Travel in Los Angeles. "There are so many different kinds of emergencies."

travel medical insurance for parents visiting the u.s.

Martha Vignati, a travel adviser with Travel Experts in Charlotte, N.C. says many people from foreign countries have no idea how expensive a trip to the doctor's office here in the U.S. can be. She says that it's common to face "astronomical costs for any kind of doctor or emergency room visit."

Even an illness that is not life threatening can end up costing thousands of dollars in the U.S. if it requires a hospital stay. If your parents are sent to an emergency room in an ambulance, their transportation won't be free.

Remember, the benefits contained in your parents' own medical insurance coverage may not apply when they leave their homeland. If they arrive here without health coverage, their long-planned vacation could quickly become a disaster of unforeseen expenses.

The best choice for travel medical insurance for visiting parents is Atlas Travel insurance. A medical policy with Atlas Travel will give you and your parents peace of mind.

Confused about the differences between travel insurance and travel medical insurance?

Don't rely on the Affordable Care Act

The federal Affordable Care Act -- also known as Obamacare -- was designed to make medical insurance in America more affordable for U.S. residents, but it does not mean that healthcare is now free.

travel medical insurance for parents visiting the u.s.

Also, it does not apply to foreign visitors, who remain solely responsible for any medical bills they may incur while in this country.

Stein notes that some nations require travelers to prove they have medical insurance before they are issued a government visa.

When you buy Atlas Travel medical insurance for your parents, they'll be given a letter showing proof of coverage.

They will also receive an Atlas America identification card that can be presented when they seek care. That way, medical bills can be sent directly to the insurance company.

More about Atlas Travel

To meet your parents' specific needs, Atlas provides customizable coverage for travelers to the U.S. Your parents can build an Atlas Travel plan that strikes a balance between providing basic essentials and more extensive coverage.

Key Atlas policy benefits include:

  • Coverage for eligible injuries or illnesses (up to $1 million)
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation benefit ($1 million lifetime maximum)
  • Coverage for hospital room and board (average semi-private room rate)
  • Coverage for local ambulance (usual, reasonable and customary charges)
  • Emergency room co-payment (claims incurred in U.S. or Canada)

Get an insurance quote from Atlas Travel online

Atlas Travel policies offer better benefits at a more affordable price than those of many competitors. It's easy to get a free price quote--just click here!

Atlas is offered by Tokio Marine HCC Medical Insurance Services Group, a full-service organization that was created to meet the insurance needs of travelers worldwide.


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