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What to Look for in Your Travel Insurance Policy

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What to Look for in Your Travel Insurance Policy

Few things are more exciting than taking that long-awaited trip to an international destination. You spend weeks – even months – planning your itinerary and thinking through logistics like how much local currency you’ll need.

Despite all the planning involved, many travelers leave home without something quite important: insurance. In fact, only one in three travelers buy travel insurance, according to a CBS Moneywatch article.

Some travelers learn the hard way that their existing insurance doesn’t cover as much as they assumed while abroad. Traveling abroad without travel insurance can be an expensive lesson should you encounter unforeseen challenges.

Here are some of the most important things you should consider in selecting a travel insurance policy:

Global emergency coverage: An emergency can happen anywhere. Make absolutely sure that your insurance includes emergency medical coverage in any country you might visit.

Emergency medical evacuation: No one likes to think about an emergency medical evacuation out of a distant country, but you need to make sure you’re covered against worst-case scenarios. Medical evacuation from an area with few resources to a hospital that can provide treatment could cost more than $100,000, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Emergency reunion: If you are able to be treated for medical emergencies in the country you’re visiting, it might be necessary that you reach an immediate family member so that they may stay with you, or assist you in the trip back home. An Atlas Travel plan from HCCMIS can make that arrangement for you to help ease your mind as much as possible in an emergency. 

Return of minor children: In the event that your children are traveling with you at the time of an emergency injury or illness, you may need coverage to ensure any minor children can be returned to your home country in case you have to be hospitalized for an extended period of time. Make sure your travel insurance provides this coverage if you plan to travel abroad with children.

Adventure sports: If you plan on participating in activities like scuba diving or snowboarding, you need to make sure such activities are included on your policy. Many travelers don’t realize that adventure sports are typically excluded from travel medical insurance policies.

Trip cancellations or delays: Changing a U.S. domestic flight can run you anywhere from $30 to $200, according to CNN. And there can be any number of other expenses involved in a last-minute change of plans. So when you buy a travel insurance policy, make sure you’re getting a full set of travel assistance services that includes trip interruption and cancellation.

Don’t lose your excitement as your international trip approaches. Just make sure you’re adequately protected from unforeseen circumstances. Read more here about the benefits of Atlas Travel Insurance in covering you from situations ranging from injuries sustained in an adventure sport to an emergency medical evacuation.


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