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Why Travelers Need Crisis Response Coverage

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Why Travelers Need Crisis Response Coverage

Whether you’re taking a business trip or family vacation, you never want to think about the threat of being kidnapped abroad. But kidnappings of international travelers do happen in countries across the globe.

One travel danger for international travelers is known as an “express kidnapping,” a method of abduction where the kidnappers demand a small, easily-accessible ransom in exchange for a quick release.

Many such events go unreported. The costs of these incidents can extend beyond money because they can take an emotional toll and cause negative publicity.

Fortunately, travel insurance from HCC Medical Insurance Services includes kidnap and ransom coverage known as Crisis Response that can benefit student travelers, missionaries, business professionals and family travelers in times of crisis. This post will provide an overview of the Crisis Response coverage and some scenarios where the coverage can help ensure the victims’ safe return.

What is the Crisis Response Benefit?

Effective for policies sold on or after October 1, 2014, Atlas Travel Insurance plans now include a Crisis Response that covers expenses related to kidnapping and ransom. This coverage is designed to help travelers with the financial and emotional burdens of these traumatic events -- and to ensure the victims’ safety above all else.

With the Crisis Response benefit, you get $10,000 for:

  • Ransom
  • An experienced crisis response team
  • Personal belongings surrendered in an express kidnapping
  • Crisis response expenses and fees
  • 24/7 access to the Response Operations Center

How it works (in the event of a kidnapping):

  • You call a telephone crisis line that puts you in contact with a team of experienced crisis consultants, and have 24-hour access to a Response Operations Center that keeps you informed as the crisis team manages negotiations for the victims’ release.
  • After the situation is resolved, your coverage will reimburse you for the cost of the ransom, reasonable expenses such as interest charges on a loan that you got to pay the ransom, and other critical related expenses up to the benefit maximum of $10,000.

Who Needs Crisis Response Insurance?

The Crisis Response coverage can benefit a wide range of travelers -- from students to missionaries -- especially in areas where security is weak or non-existent. We’ll look at four different types of travelers who can benefit.

  • Business professionals: Professionals can stand out from their surroundings based on their attire, technology use and the places they frequent.
  • Students: International students can be targeted in express kidnappers, such as a seemingly trustworthy native who temporarily abducts and forces unsuspecting students to surrender an easily-accessible ransom in exchange for release.
  • Children: Kidnappers sometimes take children who have ventured too far away from their parents, and then demand money for their safe return.
  • Missionaries: Missionaries might not be aware of dangerous areas where they are easy targets for radicals and political activists.

Most travelers aren’t prepared to handle the trauma of a kidnapping and the emotional toll it can take. That’s why it’s such a great benefit to have access to an experienced team that can keep you informed as they manage negotiations for the safe return of your loved one.

If you’d like to learn about more about Atlas Travel coverage, click here to read about other key benefits.

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