Moving Back Home After Graduation

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You probably did not plan to move back home after graduating from college. You may feel like you are taking a step backward or that you will miss out on certain experiences. However, in the long run, it may just be the best option for you and for you current situation. Because you may be leaving college with a mountain of student debt, and you may be having trouble finding a job, moving back home can save you money and help you get on the right track for life after college.

If moving back home after graduation brings you pause, it is probably because you don’t want to live with your parents again. You have enjoyed four years of freedom while at school, and you may think that you will lose that freedom. Of course, living at home will never be like living in a dorm at school, but none of your friends that are graduating are going to live the same way they did while in college. It is a part of graduating and moving on.

So if you do decide to move home with parents, talk to them and discuss everything as adults. The process could end up being quite easy and, dare we say, enjoyable. After all, your parents most likely want to support you and provide you with the things you need to be successful. Below, you will find tips for dealing with moving home and reasons why it can be a good choice for you.

Pointers for Moving Home with Parents

You might think that moving back in with your parents is as easy as moving out. But remember, you just spent the last four years of your life not just going to classes, but also changing and discovering who you are in the real world. You are moving back home as a young professional or as someone who is looking for a job. You might be afraid that moving back home is going to undo all your hard work and all the changes you have undergone. However, if you move home the right way, it really is not that difficult. The following tips for moving home may help ease the transition.

Re-Establish Your Relationship with Your Parents: You probably have not spent more than a few months back home since you left for college. Your relationship with your parents has probably changed, so before you move back home, you may need to make a conscious effort to reconnect. Reconnecting will make moving back home a little less awkward and stressful on everyone. Spend some time with your parents, and if you have younger siblings, try and reconnect with them as well. You need to keep in mind that you are going to change the home dynamics that everyone else has been used to for the past four years.

Understand Their Expectations: Even though you are now technically an adult, moving back in with your parents is still probably going to come with some rules and expectations. While you might not want to hear that or even agree with it, your parents are allowing you to move home, which you need to be grateful for. As someone who needs to move back home, you do not have many options available. With that said, you need to know not just the expectations, but also understand why your parents have certain expectations.

As you sit down with them, make sure you are paying attention to what they expect from you because it is most likely going to be different than when you were in high school. Adulthood comes with more freedom, but it also comes with more responsibilities. Your parents may ask you to pay rent or, at the very least, take on responsibilities around the house. Maybe you will cook twice a week and clean the bathrooms. Maybe you will be in charge of buying groceries or running certain errands.

Voice Your Understandings and Expectations: After your parents have voiced their expectations, you need to make sure they know how grateful you are to them. They are letting you move back in! Let them know you hear their expectations loud and clear. However, more importantly, you need to make sure they understand your expectations of moving home. While they are helping you out, they need to understand that you are an adult, and you need to be treated like one. In order to receive that treatment, know that you cannot rely on your parents for everything and do continue to be as self-sufficient as possible.

The Financial Benefits

As mentioned earlier, you are most likely graduating college with some student loans to repay and perhaps other forms of debt. That is the reality that most recent graduates face. However, for some graduates, it gets even worse because finding a job can be quite difficult. And, because you have debt, your financial situation is perhaps less than stable. Add to that the difficulty of finding a job or a well-paying job, and you are under some stress. However, one way to provide that financial stability is to move back home. Here are a few of the financial benefits of moving back home.

Save Money: Perhaps the best and most obvious financial benefit to moving home is that you are going to be able to save some money. Unless your parents decide to charge you for rent and utilities, you can put some amount of money away every month. You will also feel less pressure to find a high-paying job. This means you can take an internship that provides you with a foot in the door and experience relevant to your desired career field. Additionally, when you move home, you will have a good resource in your parents for financial advice.

Rent and Utilities: For some that decide to move home, their parents may want to charge rent and/or part of the utilities. While this may not be the most ideal situation, you need to understand that your moving home might cost your parents a little bit of money. While your parents may charge you rent and utilities, it most likely will not be as much as an apartment would cost you. If they are asking for as much as an apartment would be, then seeking out an alternative housing situation might be your best option.

Expenses: Often, moving home will mean that your expenses will decrease. For instance, you probably will not have to pay for your laundry or for food. However, before you assume that you will not be expected to pay for these types of expenses, you need to talk to your parents. When you are discussing your expectations with your parents, it would be a great idea to ask about these types of expenses.

Pay Off Your Loans: One of the best financial benefits of moving home is that you will probably save enough money to start paying off your loans and pay larger amounts than you normally would have. It is a great idea to pay as much money as you can on your student loans because it will save you money in the long run.

The Stability of Home

Everyone has a home of some sort. And even if you loved living on your own for the last four years, there was probably at least one tough instance when you just wanted to go home and see your parents and sleep in your own bed. Being a young adult and a recent graduate can be extremely terrifying and overwhelming. Having the stability of a good home life and being surrounded by your family can help alleviate some of that stress in your life. Here are a few ways you will find stability if you move home.

Family: Whether you want to admit it or not, your family does provide you with a sense of stability. Through their support, guidance, and encouragement, your transition into adult life will be a lot less stressful. Not only that, but if you find that you are still looking for a job, your parents may be able to help you prepare for interviews and help you find opportunities.

Routine: It may sound horrible and boring, but a routine can make your workweek a lot better. When you live with others, routines become even more important. Your parents probably already have an established daily routine, so you will likely have to adjust to fit into that routine. After a while, though, you will all settle down into a routine that works.

Support System: Again, your family is going to act as a support system for you during this time of transition. Just as your friends in college stood by you when things got tough and were there to celebrate achievements, your family will likewise help you out and celebrate with you. Your relationship with your parents is going to change, and you will learn more about them as people.


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