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Tips for Internship Success: Turn An Internship Into a Full-Time Position

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Tips for Internship Success: Turn An Internship Into a Full-Time Position

You did it! You’ve graduated college and the world is yours for the taking. Well…it would be if this was the 90s; but this is 2012 and the job market and economy are struggling. When it comes to your job search, it’s likely that you won’t be in the corner office right away.

First, you’ll need to prove your stuff and make a lasting impression. What better way to do this than by landing an internship that could potentially turn into a full-time job? However, not every intern is hired on to be an employee. Here are some tips for internship success that will help you land the job at the end of your internship:

Find an internship that will require you to do more than make coffee

Search for an internship in your field that is particularly hands-on. You won’t learn much if all you are doing is making copies and refilling the coffee pot; and, it’s also likely that you don’t want to work for a company who hires you based on your ability to complete these menial tasks. Challenge yourself! This is the perfect opportunity for you to shadow professionals and learn beyond what you were taught in your college classroom. Take advantage of the more challenging and demanding internships at your disposal.

Ask questions

Whether you truly don’t understand something or you are simply being inquisitive, asking questions is vital to your success as an intern. In order to fully comprehend what is being asked of you and understanding every facet of the company, asking well thought out questions can only help you. No one expects you to know everything about the business world, which is why you have signed on—in some cases for free—to learn more. Take advantage of this opportunity to get the answers to all of your burning questions in order to position yourself as an expert in your field!

Don’t shy away from big assignments

If you want to prove your worth, you won’t be able to do so by merely completing the routine tasks that are assigned to you. It’s in your best interest to always ask for more work and bigger assignments to tackle. This will show your boss just how much responsibility you are willing to take on; however, don’t put too much on your plate. Make sure that when you take on a new assignment, you focus your attention on the task at hand. Stay organized and make sure the completed work you present is thorough.

Make sure the head honchos know your name (for the right reasons)

Meet and really get to know everyone who will have a hand in deciding if you are employment material. This shows that you are an open and approachable person, and also solidifies you as someone who isn’t shy or intimidated by those in more powerful positions than your own. Being assertive and forming important connections by expanding your professional network is of the utmost importance in the business world.

Be enthusiastic

Nothing is going to be more attractive to a potential employer than you showing how excited you are to work for the company. When you genuinely love what you are doing, it shows. Your demeanor and actions speak louder than words, so make sure that no matter what task you take on, you do so with enthusiasm. Have pride in the work you are producing!


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