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Top Job Search Sites

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Top Job Search Sites

While it is always a challenge finding a new job, there are a large number of job search sites that offer assistance in finding good possibilities. Some of these job search sites are well known and are relatively easy to use. Here are a few websites that offer a robust selection of openings:


Monster has been around longer than many other job search sites and is also one of the largest. Monster provides a trusted name for people looking for jobs online.

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On Monster, you can either search for jobs or put up a for-hire ad and upload a résumé. After signing up with Monster, you can upload several résumés, and companies looking to hire someone will come to you. You are more likely to find a job by searching and applying for a job, but it is always a good idea to put your résumé up on the site.


According to its website, “Indeed is the #1 job site worldwide, with over 100 million unique visitors per month.” This is good news for anyone looking for a job because it means that most of the jobs that are posted on the site will be legitimate job offers. The only downside to looking for employment at the website with that many visitors is that there is a lot more competition for each job. Like Monster.com, you can look to find a job or you can post your résumé and wait for employers to come to you. The best option is to do both.

According to Paul Forster in an interview with Dave Taylor, “Indeed includes jobs from over 1,000 sources—more than any other service. Indeed is adding over 100,000 jobs per day to its index—also more than any other service.”

Creative and Technical

This website is a great place for local digital media and IT jobs. It is a place for both employers and job hunters to come and find what they need. Employers can come and search different users’ portfolios and offer them a job or post a job opening to the website. Job hunters can come to the site and look through the listed jobs and also put up a portfolio on the site for employers.

When you look for jobs on this site, you will have to choose what specialty you would like to work in and then the location where you would like to work. After these steps are completed, you can look down the list at the available jobs. Most of the jobs are links that will take you to a website like indeed.com or Monster.com. Some of these websites require that you have a profile to apply for the position.


Craigslist is known by many people as the place to buy and sell almost anything. While Craigslist does offer that service to its users, it also provides a great jobs section where you can find anything from lawn mowing jobs to IT positions.

Although Craigslist offers a great selection of jobs in both number of job listings and categories, sometimes you have to be careful about scams. Stay away from anything that sounds too good to be true or anything that demands money before being hired.


This is a website for freelancers. It can be any kind freelancer from writing and translation, to business services, or software or web development. The website has job listings in several different categories.

Odesk freelancers create a profile and outline what skills they have, their past job history, and any other résumé material. Odesk sends the users emails on how to improve their profile and how to get a job. Jobs on Odesk offer either a fixed price or an hourly rate. You get to choose what you would like to apply for. Hourly rates are guaranteed by Odesk, but are usually harder to obtain. Most freelancers start out doing fixed price jobs and then eventually switch to hourly work after they have built up a quality work history.

For more tips on how to use these job search sites, check out this blog.


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