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5 Ways to Love Your Job

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5 Ways to Love Your Job

Most full-time jobs require 40 hours per week, or about 2,000 hours per year. That is the equivalent of just over 83 full 24-hour days per year spent at work.

If you are going to spend that much time somewhere, you shouldn't just try to find a job to get by- you should find a job you love. Not only will these five tips help you find a job you love, but they might even help you enjoy your existing job a little bit more.

Find a Company Culture Fit

find a company culture fit

When you are interviewing for a job, you are also interviewing the company to see if it's the right fit for you. It's okay to turn down a second interview after visiting a company where you know you would be unhappy with the company culture.

The Guardian suggests thinking about the type of environment you want to work in first. Look at all the options in the industry you know best, but also consider other industries.

While challenging, a career change is completely possible, and just might be the refresh you need to be happier.

Avoid Stressing About Benefits

Some people are unhappy with their jobs thanks to the poor benefits. Don't ignore health insurance, 401(k) matching, paid vacation, and other benefits when searching for a job.

avoid stressing about job benefits

Before accepting any position, compare the benefits package to other companies in the industry to avoid stressing about them later, once you're already on the job.

Health insurance should certainly not be overlooked. Compare what your prospective employer offers to other insurance options on the Affordable Care Act Marketplace.

If your new employer offers insurance but has a waiting period before it kicks in, make sure to cover the gap with a short-term medical insurance policy.

Focus on Team Relationships

Whether you're at a new job or are a long-time employee, you can get out of a rut and enjoy your job much more by building strong professional relationships with your co-workers.

focus on team relationships

Always attend team-building events and try not to skip out if invited to lunch or happy hour by your co-workers. Those off-hours interactions will turn work acquaintances into work friends.

According to ERE Media, having friends at work makes for both happier employees (that's you!) and a better bottom line for the employer.

Live in the Grey suggests focusing on your strengths and volunteering to contribute in that capacity to new team projects in order to help form relationships with your colleagues.

If you struggle to connect with your co-workers, check out "7 Ways to Become a Better Work Friend" by Huffpost Healthy Living.

Celebrate Success

Everyone has down days at work. If you find yourself on a seemingly endless string of down days, take time to focus on your successes and co-worker successes.

celebrate job success

Every time you get thanked or congratulated on a job well done, take note.

Consider creating a “brag folder" in your inbox for such messages, which can lift your mood and come in handy when heading into a performance review.

If you take a moment to recognize co-workers, you may enjoy watching how quickly you can brighten up their day. Happiness is contagious!

Fight Stressors

No matter how much you focus on a positive attitude, work is still work, and sometimes that comes with stress and difficult situations. Do what you can to maintain a positive lifestyle and limit the impact of stress on your physical and mental health.

fight stressors at work

Do your best to be productive during your best working hours. Take short breaks every couple of hours. Enjoy chatting with office friends around the water cooler or coffee pot.

And, as The Muse suggests, change your mindset from “I'm too stressed" to “How can I combat stress and get the job done?"

Once you make it through a challenging project, take time to reflect, celebrate, recharge, and appreciate how lucky you are to enjoy a job success.


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