Must Know Study Abroad Scholarships

Kristen Kaweck
Must Know Study Abroad Scholarships

Students who choose to study abroad make the decision of a lifetime. While studying abroad offers a lot of awesome experiences, it can also be extremely expensive. While you think about studying abroad, consider looking into study abroad scholarships for students. There are many scholarship programs for international students.

If you choose to use an independent study abroad program, then there is a good chance that program offers some sort of scholarship:

IES Program Scholarships

IES awards study abroad scholarships to students participating in any of their many study abroad programs. Students travel all over the world to earn their degrees under the IES program and scholarship awards. If your home school is a member of the IES Abroad Consortium, then you should look into finding the right program and scholarship for you.

CIEE Study Abroad Scholarships

As an organization that works solely to provide students with study abroad scholarships, CIEE understands that studying abroad is costly. Each year, CIEE awards scholarships to those planning on studying abroad all over the world. The awards can be applied towards program fees and/or travel costs.

Other study abroad scholarships do exist. It may take some research and effort for you to find, but there are scholarships that could be just right for you.

Here are a few that you may want to look into:

Dalarna University International Student Scholarship

This scholarship awards scholarships to students coming to study in a number of fields at Sweden's Dalarna University. Those awarded this scholarship are participating in degrees for English and Irish Literature, African Studies, Tourism Destination Development, Pre- master's Economics, Business Studies, Business Intelligence, and Solar Engineering.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

More than 1,800 students enter into this program yearly, and the Fulbright Foreign Student Program arranges academic placement for most of its scholarship nominees.

Centenary Scholarship IOE London

Study abroad scholarships for international students studying in a Master's program in International Education, Political Science/ Social Science, English Literature, Education, or Sustainable Development at the Institute of Education University of London. Each year, two recipients are awarded scholarship money so that they may continue earning their degree in England.

Your decision to study abroad does not have be solely decided by whether you can afford it or not. Every year, many students find the right scholarship program that allows them to study abroad and not let finances keep them from doing so.

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