Travel Insurance Five Types and Why You Need Each

Lauren McNitt
Travel Insurance Five Types and Why You Need Each

There are various types of travel insurance, so how do you know which policies are right for your trip? Below are five common types of travel insurance that can help you protect yourself when you travel.

1. Trip cancellation and interruption

Trip cancellation or interruption can occur for numerous reasons, including illness, death of a family member, natural disasters, or instability in your destination country. If you do not purchase trip cancellation insurance and any of these situations occur, you run the risk of losing up to 100 percent of the money you've invested in your trip. This could be a substantial amount- especially with international travel. Be sure to read a policy in its entirety before making a purchase so you know what situations it covers and what actions you'll need to take to file a claim if your trip is canceled.

2. Medical

You may assume that your domestic health insurance provider covers you while you're abroad, but many health policies either don't cover international travel or only cover a portion of international medical expenses. Note that Medicare does not cover international medical treatment. Check first with your current provider, and if you don't have adequate coverage, you'll need to purchase a travel medical insurance plan.

You may think that you are in perfect health, but what if you twist your ankle tripping on a cobblestone in Italy and need to make sure it isn't broken? Or maybe you eat contaminated food in Thailand and require treatment for dehydration? These unpredictable scenarios are not uncommon when traveling abroad, and your health is worth the investment in travel insurance.

3. Medical evacuation

If you are traveling to a remote area or a region without adequate medical facilities, it's important that you purchase medical evacuation insurance, or a travel medical policy with this coverage. Emergency transportation to a hospital that can provide you with the services you need for your particular illness or injury can cost as much as $100,000. Don't gamble with your health; be sure to purchase a plan that will ensure you access to a clinic where you will receive the care you need.

4. Lost checked luggage

Carrying valuables in your carry-on luggage can decrease the risk that they will be lost or stolen, but this isn't always a viable option. If you're bringing valuable items with you in your luggage, such as musical instruments or jewelry, insuring your baggage will help protect you financially if something goes missing. Some travel medical policies offer these services already, so be sure to research all available benefits of a plan to avoid unnecessarily buying more than one insurance policy. Note that some credit cards also offer baggage coverage.

5. Flight cancellation

If your trip is time sensitive, what happens if your flight is canceled, the airline goes on strike, or it goes out of business? Flight cancellation insurance can cover the expenses that arise when a flight is unexpectedly canceled. Be sure that you are insuring every leg of your journey, since policies are often issued on a per-ticket basis.

Read your policy

Remember that the key to protecting yourself with travel insurance is to be informed. Always read the entire policy before making a purchase so that you fully understand each of its benefits and exclusions.

Do you need travel insurance for an upcoming trip? HCC Medical Insurance Services offers Atlas Travel insurance, travel medical coverage with a wide-range of benefits, such as medical evacuation, terrorism coverage, crisis management, accidental death benefit, and more.

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