Getting Prepared for College in a Foreign Country

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Whether you are entering college right after graduating high school or you are enrolling after some time off, getting prepared for college can be tricky. It can be even trickier to prepare when your new school is in another country! As you prepare yourself for your upcoming adventure abroad, here are five tips that might make that process easier, or at least make you feel a little less stressed.

First things first: Learn about your destination

It is extremely important that you understand what you are getting yourself into when getting prepared for college in another country. Learning about the country you plan on studying in and its culture will help smooth out your transition.

Be prepared

Make sure you have all the documents necessary to get yourself there (and back)! Learn about what shots are required or recommended, and get them. A helpful vaccination infographic can be found here. Make a list of the things you need to take care of or get before you leave for your new adventure.

Keep a notebook with important information

Keep a booklet with information such as the local police number, your new address, and other important notes that you would need in case of an emergency. Along with important emergency information, keep your family’s phone numbers and other contact info in the booklet.

Start learning the language

If you are planning on going to a country where they speak a language other than your own, start learning that language as soon as possible. It will be very helpful to arrive in the country knowing how to communicate at least a little bit. If you start learning the language before you leave, you will have an easier time in class when listening to your new professors’ lessons, as well as when working on schoolwork.

Do not procrastinate

Once you start thinking about studying abroad, start preparing immediately. The last thing you really want is to realize you did not give yourself enough time to get everything in order for your big move. Keeping on top of your preparations will ensure an easy transition into your new home away from home!


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