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How to Study Abroad in High School

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How to Study Abroad in High School 

Studying abroad in high school is a fantastic idea for those wishing and wanting to experience new cultures and learn what it is like away from home. You will undoubtedly gain some great worldly experience that will impress colleges and future employers. More than a great resume builder, studying abroad in high will allow you to have some great new experiences, enrich your life, and provide you with adventure. However, you might not know where to start. How to study abroad in high school? Here is the basic process that you need to follow when you study abroad in high school:

Decide When to Go Abroad
The first step you need to take when figuring out how to study abroad in high school is ask one of the biggest questions that you have to answer: when will you study abroad? This question is so important because it affects the other things you must decide. Study abroad programs range from summer programs, to semester long programs to short holiday programs. When do you want to study abroad?

Find a Program
After you decide when you want to study abroad, you can begin looking at different programs. Some programs are designed around summer study while others are more focused on full semester. When you are looking for a program make sure it provides you with all the tools you need to make your experience a great one: finances, school credit, valuable knowledge, and immersion into the culture that is around you.

Find a Destination
After you have found that perfect program, you may have a few options as to where you will study. If that is the case, then take your time when considering where you want to study abroad in high school. Every country—every city—has its own unique people, cultures, and adventures. Be sure you have explored all of your options, done research, and considered what each location has to offer you. Once you have made the choice, then you are good to start planning!

Get Finances in Order
As you start planning your study abroad experience, you might notice that programs can be a little pricey. Many of them offer scholarships and financial aid, but do not be afraid to apply for outside scholarships. Search around for good scholarship opportunities and look into some businesses in your area that do philanthropic work—sometimes businesses will donate money to students studying abroad.

The most important thing to do is to have fun and enjoy your experience! Do not be afraid to be outgoing right away in your new home. Immerse yourself in the culture and before you know it, you will be having the time of your life!


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