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Study Business Abroad

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Study Business Abroad

In today’s economic market and job climate, it really helps to have a little something extra on your resume. In fact, many employers look for potential hires that not only have relevant experience, but who can also provide a competitive advantage. Whether you are currently studying business, management, or international business, going to study business abroad will not only improve your resume, but also provide a wonderful educational and cultural experience. Studying business and management abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to advance your skills and gain practical and applicable experiences on an international level.

Study Business Abroad Checklist

One of the more difficult parts about studying abroad is deciding where you are actually going to study. Because the world is full of great colleges and universities that you can attend, the decision can be a little difficult and overwhelming. Ultimately, there are a few things you should consider when thinking about studying business or management abroad.

  • Location: Do you want to study in a major city or in a smaller college town? More likely than not, you will find most of the universities and colleges that focus on business to be in major cities around the world. After all, that is going to be where most of the major businesses are located, and when you study abroad, you want to live in that environment. Whether you end up in a larger city or smaller town, you will most likely experience at least a bit of culture shock, which is totally normal! However, if you take the time to acclimate, you will no doubt have a great time. A blogger at Blogging in Barcelona has this to offer: All in all, I am so happy I decided to go through with studying abroad and I couldn't be more satisfied with the city I chose and all the friends I made.
  • Language: Do you already speak a foreign language? Are you interested in learning a new language? As you begin searching for universities, find out if the programs offered are taught in your native language, a foreign language, or a mix of both. If you already know a foreign language, then you might want to consider universities located in a country that speaks that particular language. For those who are interested in learning a new language, then studying abroad is the perfect opportunity to expand your language skills. If learning a foreign language is not on your priority list, then find a school in a country that speaks your first language.
  • University: If location and language are not first priority, then you might want to find a top university or college for business or management, and apply to that school. However, it is in your best interest to keep all three of these factors in mind as you research your study abroad options. Knowing where to study business and management abroad ultimately comes down to what you want. Think about location, language, and the university before you make the final decision.


Something to consider while studying abroad is taking advantage of any internship opportunities that are available. An international internship experience will not only give you new perspective on your host country, but provide practical experience applicable in future careers. For some, the entire study abroad experience may be based on an internship opportunity. For others, it may be an added bonus to any classroom experience.

Language Immersion

Another great benefit of studying abroad is having the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in a foreign language. No matter your proficiency in another language, it is an entirely different experience to actually use that language in a native setting. While knowing a second language is a terrific way to intermingle with locals, it is also a skill-set that could help you land a job in the future, and, depending on your career path, help you excel at that job.

Using Your Experiences

Studying abroad can positively impact not only your self-being, but also your outlook on the world. By studying abroad, you open doors to your future. The acts of moving to a foreign country, assimilating into a new culture, learning a new language, meeting new friends and adjusting to new circumstances tell future employers that you are adaptable, inquisitive and are willing to see different views. There’s no reason not to use your study abroad experience to your advantage!


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