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Top 5 Places For U.S. Students To Study Abroad

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Top 5 Places For U.S. Students To Study Abroad

When choosing where to study abroad, U.S. students often think of popular destinations, such as Italy, France, Greece, Spain, and the U.K. All of these countries offer rich cultural experiences and top-tier academic programs, but there are several excellent college and university options that students tend to overlook. To help you in your search for a unique and engaging study abroad program, we have compiled this list of the top five best places for U.S. Students to study abroad.

1. Mexico

For students in the U.S. (or looking to travel outside of Europe), Mexico is a fantastic alternative to studying in Spain. It is a country full of history and culture, and a great place to brush up on your Spanish skills.

  • Top University: Tecnologico De Monterrey

  • Number of U.S students in Mexico: 7,320

  • Reasons for Studying in Mexico: Technologico de Monterrey allows students to enhance their Spanish skills while studying a unique culture

2. Ireland

For students thinking about studying in the U.K., Ireland might be a very good alternative.

  • Top University: University College, Cork

  • Number of U.S. Students in Ireland: 6,858

  • Reasons for Studying in Ireland: University College in Cork allows students the chance to study Irish history and literature.

3. Germany

Germany is rapidly growing as a popular destination for students.

  • Top University: Bard College Berlin

  • Number of U.S. Students in Germany: 8,330

  • Reasons for Studying in Germany: The European College of Liberal Arts-Berlin allows students to sharpen their study of the German language and experience the unique culture of a reunified nation.

4. Costa Rica

Another option for Spanish speaking students, Costa Rica provides students with a vast number of ecotourism opportunities

  • Top University: Universidad de Costa Rica

  • Number of U.S. Students in Costa Rica: 6,363

  • Reasons for Studying in Coast Rica: The Universidad de Costa Rica offers cheaper cost of living while studying Spanish and a vast opportunity for ecotourism and biological studies.

5. China

Due to its rise as a major world power and ever-burgeoning population, China has become a popular destination for students to study.

  • Top University: Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Number of U.S. Students in China: 13,674

  • Reasons for Studying in China: Studying a Chinese language and world business practices is a great experience at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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