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2015 MotoGP Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix: The Best Race on Two Wheels

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2015 MotoGP Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix: The Best Race on Two Wheels

Half as many wheels, twice as entertaining

The MotoGP is a series of eighteen races featuring the best motorcycle riders in the world. Every race is held in a different location, spanning fourteen countries on four continents, over a period of seven months. It’s kind of a big deal. It’s fitting that the oldest motorsports championship in the world includes a race in Indianapolis, a city famous for racing.

The Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix will be held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on August 9, 2015. Race day is preceded by Practice day on August 7th, and Qualifications on August 8th. For the detailed schedule, visit the IMS website

motoGP racers on track

Since races are held in various locations across the world, every course is different. Each race is more complex than just circling an oval track (no offense, Brickyard fans). The Indianapolis Motor Speedway circuit is 4.2 kilometers long and has 16 turns. Speeds average at 160 km/h, with the best riders reaching top speeds of 345 km/h.

Every race gives riders an opportunity to accumulate points depending on how they perform. For instance, first place is awarded 25 points, while 15th place receives one point. After the final race, the rider with the most points is named champion.

Not only will you see the best riders at the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix, you’ll also see the best motorcycles. These bikes are built for the sole purpose of winning high-speed races. They are fast, expensive, and because they are custom built, you won’t see anything else like them out on the road.

Does all this racing have you revved up?   

Join fellow motorcycle enthusiasts for Motorcycles on Meridian. Sponsored by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the free event will be held in downtown Indianapolis on August 7th & 8th.

No bike? No worries. Join the festivities on foot and check out some of the coolest bikes in the country. Everyone is welcome--unless you’re in a car. During the event, the only vehicles allowed on Meridian Street are motorcycles. And there will be many of them.

Need Mo’ Moto?   

The Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix will be followed by eight more MotoGP races. Next up after Indy, is the bwin Grand Prix České republiky, in the Czech Republic on August 16, 2015. Get more info at https://www.motogp.com/en/event/Czech+Republic

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