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5 Dogs More Adventurous Than You

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5 Dogs More Adventurous Than You

Most pet lovers have dreamed about going on amazing adventures with their dog. It makes the travel experience that much better if you're not constantly worried about how your dog is doing back home.

Each of these five dogs and their owners host a travel blog documenting their journeys together. Some advocate the travel of small dogs while others are committed to helping foreign communities. Either way, these five  have proven to be some of the most daring and brave canines out there.

1 & 2.) Chester & Gretel

Ever looked at a small dog and thought, “Wow, that dog looks too small to go on epic camping adventures?"two small dogs hiking

Well, think again! Chester and Gretel, two adorable Dachshunds, go on hiking,  paddleboarding, and camping travels with their owner, Jessica. She wants to break the stereotype that small dogs can't be athletic and adventurous. In her blog she shares all their incredible journeys and talks about the importance of travelling safely.

Every animal lover can agree with her when she says, “Some people probably think I'm crazy, but if I can't do it with my dogs, it's not as much fun."

Check out Jessica's travel blog here!

3.) Rooney  

A lot of people hike, but few hike the Appalachian Trail. It takes weeks of training and preparation to endure such a long and strenuous path.

large dog ready to swim

However, there is one dog that has climbed this trail and made it all the way to the end. His name is Rooney, and he's a 3-year-old Weimaraner who loves traveling and trying out new hiking trails.

According to his owners, Jill and her husband, Rooney enjoys chasing the local wildlife and is always at a high energy level. This guy ventures with his owners everywhere and loves every second spent in the great outdoors.

Read more about Rooney here, where they provide details on how to hike with a dog safely and proficiently.

4.) Montecristo

Picture a small, long-haired Chihuahua perching on a rock overlooking the ocean, his fur blowing in the wind as his curly tail wags happily. This is Montecristo, an advocate for other small dogs wishing to travel abroad safely. His owner, Sonja, takes him everywhere with her and blogs about their experiences. They have traveled to 13 countries in the course of 6 years, including Paris, Bulgaria, and even Greece!

small white dog on beach

“We do what we do in order to be advocates for the hundreds of thousands of pets abandoned every year because they don't 'fit the travel plans' (300,000 in the UK last year). We are proving that travel and having a pet are not mutually exclusive," Sonja told us.

Montecristo's name came from Sonja's husband, who is a descendant of Alexandre Dumas, the author of The Count of Monte Cristo. You could say that he is definitely living up to his family's name. Sonja has also begun vlogging with Montecristo to share helpful tips, such as how he takes bathroom breaks on flights without it resulting in a big mess.

All their blogs can be found here in the “voice" of Montecristo, as written by Sonja.

5.) Whisperdog base jumping

This amazing dog was best left for the end of this article, due to his stunning antics. Whisper, owned by BASE jumper Dean Potter, has joined his owner numerous times flying through the air.  He wore goggles and was placed securely on the back of his partner, Dean. The two have been featured in many stories, including some in National Geographic. Surely Whisper is one of the most adventurous canines around!

A video was taken of their experience BASE jumping together, which can be found here. Sadly, Dean Potter was killed during a jumping accident earlier this year. Whisper remains as the reminder of his former owner's accomplishments and adventurous spirit.

For more travel tips and adventure ideas, check out our Ultimate Guide to International Travel. Be sure to read more on each dog's blog for insight on where they are today and what they will be doing in the future. And remember; always be careful when travelling with your dog. Be adventurous, but also be safe.

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