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50 Travel Websites You MUST Visit

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50 Travel Websites You MUST Visit

Ever see someone at the airport who seems to have it all together? Someone calm, relaxed, not fumbling for his passport or sweating as he drags his luggage? It’s usually the pilot. The following travel hacks will help you achieve that same zen-like presence. Pilot’s license optional.

best travel destinations

Go where you want to go. From choosing a destination to booking a hotel room, it seems counter-intuitive that planning a vacation should involve so much work. Unlimited options can be overwhelming, but these helpful sites quickly serve up a list of destinations based on your travel preferences.

01. BestTripChoices.com: Take a personality test to learn about your inner traveler. BestTripChoices will match your test results with destinations that best fit your personality.

02. Booking.com: This site gives you the top reasons to visit specific destinations. Looking for the best theme parks? Try Orlando, Florida. If you’re interested in art and culture, visit Florence, Italy.

03. Tripzard.com: How important is romance on this trip? Are you interested in staying near your resort or hanging out with rebel militia? Tell Tripzard about your ideal vacation and they’ll create customized recommendations for you.

best travel lodging

You’ve picked your destination, now it’s time to explore lodging options. Whether you’re looking for a traditional hotel, or you’re up for sleeping on a local’s couch, you’ve got many options.


04. Hotels.com: Sign up for oers to unlock secret prices on select hotels.

05. Lastminutetravel: Great deals for booking airfare, rooms, cars and excursions all at once.

06. HotelTonight: Awesome deals at top-rated hotels. Cool Rate Drop feature knocks down same-day prices after 3pm.

07. AlltheRooms: Aggregates rooms from multiple sites, including hotel rooms, bed & breakfasts, homes, apartments, cabins, boats and non-traditional accommodations.

Hotel Alternatives

08. HomeAway: Not interested in being confined to a hotel room? Book a whole house at HomeAway.

09. Airbnb: This popular site connects you with apartments and homes for rent. If you prefer staying in a treehouse or a gypsy camper, they’ve got you covered.

10. HostelWorld: Staying in a hostel is a great way to meet other travelers and can also help you save serious money.

11. CampAGlam: A worldwide directory for camping and luxury glamping sites. Listings include tents, tipis, log cabins, vintage caravans and more.

12. Horizon: By utilizing friends, friends of friends, and members of communities you belong to, Horizon helps you find a place to stay with someone you trust.

13. Couchsurfing: Create a profile, connect with locals, and then surf the world.

transportation tips

You know where you’re going, you know where you’re staying, now to decide on the best way to get there...

14. Travelmath: Great tool to determine if you should drive or fly. Travelmath trip calculator compares the distance, time and cost of driving vs. flying.

15. Airfarewatchdog: Get the best deals on airfare by searching and comparing rates at various sites. You can also set up alerts for deals on flights to specific locations.

16. AllegiantAir: Making leisure travel aordable and convenient, Allegiant Air oers low fares, nonstop, all-jet service and premier travel partners.

17. Flightfox: A marketplace of flight experts guarantee the best deals on airfare. According to reviews, the savings easily oset the cost of membership, which starts at $49. Membership connects you with an expert to coordinate complex travel itineraries as well as help you redeem your airline miles.

18. Skiplagged: This site delivers “hidden city pricing.” That’s when you book a flight where the layover city is your real destination. You can save a significant amount of money this way. Just remember not to check any luggage.

travel safety tips

The thought of venturing into the unknown draws people to travel. Ironically, that same thought also deters people from traveling. Anytime you plan to visit an unfamiliar area, you should consider taking safety precautions. Here are the best ways to protect yourself and your stuff.

19. Swissotel: The ultimate guide to worldwide etiquette, this site gives you the do’s and don’ts for every culture. Study up to blend in wherever you go.

20. Atlas Travel Insurance: Think your medical insurance will cover you overseas? Think again. Smart travelers know the importance of travel medical insurance. Atlas oers customizable coverage for international travelers.

21. Pickpocket Warning Signs: Pickpocketers target unsuspecting tourists. Don’t fall for these common tricks.

22. 20 Ways to Stay Safe and Prevent Theft While Traveling: Ever consider carrying a decoy wallet? That’s just one great tip shared by worldwide traveler Benny Lewis. Read the post for more ways to stay safe while you travel.

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travel gear

Since space is limited, the clothing you pack needs to travel well, serve more than one purpose, and be practical. Luckily for you, the following sites have items that do all those things.

23. ZippyScarf: Available in an assortment of patterns, these scarves have hidden zippered pockets. FYI—no one wears a travel belt anymore.

24. SCOTTeVEST: Awesome clothing with crazy amounts of pockets. The prices run high, but some of the pieces can hold the equivalent of a small carry-on, so it’s well worth it. Plus, every day the Daily Sale features a dierent item at a great discount.

25. ExOcio: Clothing invented for travelers. ExOcio items have won travel gear and innovation awards. Lightweight, wrinkle-free fabrics with built-in bug, sun and water protection.

travel tips

Your plans are in place. Now comes the fun of looking forward to your trip and preparing yourself for adventure.

26. Wikitravel: Learn about your destination’s culture, figure out how to get from the airport to the city, find out which local foods are not to be missed, and know what to watch out for in terms of safety and staying away from sketchy neighborhoods.

27. Utrip: Enter your destination, budget, and interests, and Utrip will build an itinerary for you that includes a list of must-see locations for you to explore.

28. Tales Of Travelling Sisters: Great (and surprisingly easy) tips for how to avoid jet lag.

29. Ultimate Packing List: With the help of this handy list from SmarterTravel.com, you’ll never forget to pack all the essentials.

30. Ultimate Guide to Carry-On Luggage: Compiled by SmarterTravel.com, this list tells you the airline restrictions for pets, wheelchairs, and infant seats.

31. Pack like a Pro: This video tutorial teaches you how to pack “clown-car” style.

dealing at the airport

Don’t let the hassles of airport procedures ruin the excitement of beginning your travel adventure. The following resources will help you overcome every obstacle.

32. Parking Panda: Find and reserve guaranteed parking at major airports across the nation.

33. Clear: No matter which airline you use, with Clear, you can speed through airport security in less than five minutes.

34. Trusted Traveler Programs: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has several programs that give members access to expedited processing and security screening at U.S. airports.

35. Worldwide Baggage Fee Chart: Baggage fees add to the cost of travel and always seem to be changing. Check out this site for domestic and international bag fees.

36. Travelon Micro Scale: Many travelers vouch for this highly accurate luggage scale. B

best travel apps

The following apps are considered by many experienced travelers to be indispensable. We won’t be surprised if you agree.

37. TripIt: This travel organizing app “automagically” transforms all of your flight, hotel, and rental car confirmation emails into a master itinerary.

38. XE Currency: This currency conversion app lets you convert through all major currencies, and even works oine by storing the most recent exchange rates.

39. Google Voice: Avoid international rates, by making and receiving calls abroad for free with Google Voice.

40. Google Translate: Type a word or phrase into the dialogue box to translate it into a language you select. Google Translate works with over fifty dierent languages.

41. Google Goggles: An internet search feature that bypasses keywords for camera snapshots instead. See a landmark you’d like to learn more about? Snap a picture, and Google Goggles will pull up relevant information.

42. AroundMe: This app detects your current location and lets you search for the nearest restaurants, banks, gas stations and more.

43. Trip Diaries: Document your travel experiences and share them with your friends and family.

travel tips

Don’t let the expense of travel keep you from exploring the world. From earning free airline miles to working abroad, the following resources include great suggestions on how to make travel more aordable.

44. Barclay Card: Earn miles with every purchase and easily redeem them to cover your travel expenses. Another perk: Miles never expire.

45. Chase Sapphire Card: A very sleek card and popular card among travelers. You can transfer points to participating frequent travel programs at full value.

46. The Best Travel Rewards Credit Card: Erin, of travel blog Erin’s Travels, reviews the two most popular travel credit cards and shares why she chooses one over the other.

47. House Sit: Enjoy a free retreat by becoming a house and pet sitter. Sits range from a weekend to a year.

48. 10 Secrets to Ultra-Cheap Travel: Read up on 10 ways to stretch every dollar of your travel budget.

49. 42 Ways You Can Make Money and Travel the World: From aliate marketing to editing English signs and menus, this post shares a variety of ways to make a living as you travel the world.

50. Fathom’s 24 Best Travel Blogs & Websites 2015: Need more travel in your life? Check out the best travel blog and websites. Whether you’re a traveling bookworm or a motorbiker interested in the western hemisphere’s best pit stops, you’re certain to find inspiration from these sites.

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