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After Sochi: Extending Your European Adventure

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After Sochi: Extending Your European Adventure

If you find yourself in Sochi for the Olympic Games, you might as well extend your trip to check out what’s in the area. Here are few places you may want to go if you choose to stick around after the Olympics ends.

Go North to Moscow

Sunset over the water in Moscow
The financial and political center of Russia, Moscow is one of the best cities to visit in the world. There are around 12 million Russian citizens living in Moscow, which works out to be over 12,357 people per square mile.

To get to Moscow, you can fly from Sochi or drive. Driving may be fun because you’ll get to see more of the Russian countryside. You can also fly into the Sheremetyevo airport, the Domodedovo airport, or the Vnukovo airport. Once there, you can take a taxi and go to the ballet, shop at the GUM and TsUM, or enjoy the view and grab a bite to eat at the City Space Bar and Lounge on the 34th floor of the Swissotel. Need more fun and interesting things to do in Moscow? Check out this article on TIME Magazine’s website, and read through these hotel reviews and descriptions to find out where you should stay.

Go to Istanbul

Sunset over Istanbul
To the Southwest, across the Black Sea from Sochi, lies Turkey, and if you’re ever near Turkey, you should visit Istanbul. Istanbul has a rich history of trade, and its unique blend of cultures make it one of the most interesting cities to visit in the world.

To get to Istanbul you can fly, take a train, or take a ferry across the Black Sea. If you’re looking for an adventure, the 12-hour ferry ride could be what you are looking for. Flying is also a popular—and faster—option. If you choose to fly, you’ll fly into Istanbul Atatürk Airport. From there, you can take an inexpensive taxi ride to your hotel. Try to find a hotel near the Harbiye district of the city; the Harbiye Residence is a good choice for most tourists. While in Istanbul, make sure to take a Theodosian Walls Walk and check out the Classic Bosphorus Cruise. In addition to those two activities, simply walking through the city will provide you with incredible sights and experiences. If you would like some specific ideas, read this blog post on the city.

Check Out Greece

Parthenon in Athens, Greece
Want to travel a little further west than Istanbul? Go to Greece! Athens is another city with a rich history. While there, not only can you view the classical architecture and amazing historical structures, but you can see a city that hosted the Olympic Games a decade ago and visit the facilities that were used.

To get to Athens, it’s probably best to either fly in or take the train. Many people will choose to fly, and the new Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport is where you will land. Once you’ve landed, you can take the Athens Metro to get to your hotel. Check out these hotel reviews to pick a great hotel. After you’re all settled in to your hotel room, wander the streets to admire the architecture and do some people-watching. For more fun and interesting things to do in Athens, check out this article by TIME Magazine.


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