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Backpacking Tips and Destinations

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Backpacking Tips and Destinations

Where do your trips take you? If you’re more likely to be found rushing down river rapids or climbing bridges than taking guided tours to museums and cafes, you may fall into a special category of traveler: the adventure backpacker.

Anatomy of a Backpacker

Anatomy of a Backpacker by: HCCMIS

Backpack adventures are about experiencing other cultures and locations, not just seeing them. Zip-lining, mountain climbing and even a microbrewery tour – anything off the beaten path – can be part of your voyage. Since you’ll be traveling in areas outside the typical tourist locations and participating in some high risk activities, it’s always a good idea to purchase travel insurance with sports coverage before you leave. That way, you’ll be ready for whatever life throws at you.

Backpacking Preparation Tips

Backpacking Preparation Tips by: HCCMIS

Check out these five adventure itineraries for popular vacation spots.

Vietnam – A junk boat may not sound tempting, but this traditional Vietnamese vessel has the accommodations to take you through Halong Bay. You can swim or explore a limestone cave in the bay which is considered to be the most beautiful photography site in the country.

Thailand – You haven’t seen Thailand until you’ve seen it from the back of an elephant. Check out an elephant camp like the one at Chok Chai to ride elephants, meet mahouts (elephant trainers) and ride a bamboo raft back to camp.

Grand Canyon – It’s a long trip to just look over the edge, snap a picture and get back in the car. See it from the bottom via hiking trail, mule train or even over the edge of your kayak to truly appreciate the majesty of this sight. Bright Angel Trail has rest houses and turnaround spots, or more daring adventurers can sign up for a two-week rafting trip down the Colorado, ending with a helicopter ride out.

Alaska – You can see the intense blue of the fjords from the deck of a cruise ship. For an Alaskan adventure, consider booking a sledding trip where you can drive – mush – your own huskies. To get even closer to the wild, take a fishing trip for Alaskan King Salmon which can reach 100 lbs!

Australia – Enjoy all the natural adventure this continent has to offer by skydiving from fifteen thousand feet above Queenstown. You’ll get once-in-a-lifetime views of the ocean, mountains and the edge of the world. For a more hands-on view from above, climb Australia’s Harbour Bridge. In about four hours, you’ll have accomplished a feat once reserved for a few lucky risk-takers.

Top Backpacking Destinations

Top Backpacking Destinations by: HCCMIS

Adventure backpack travel may be risky, but it comes with incredible rewards. If you prepare and do your research before you arrive, you’ll be able to enjoy an experience like no other while you’re there. Make sure to find an excursion that meets your needs and lets you explore the country exactly as you want to. A good guide will be able to take you almost anywhere you want to go.



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