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Busting Myths of Travel for Business

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Busting Myths of Travel for Business

When it comes to people who travel for business, there are lots of stereotypes and myths. Just because you are a business traveler, it does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort or style for cost and lesser quality (or spend lots of company money for no good reason!). We are going to break down myths surrounding people who travel for business and try to explain how you can break them during your travels.

Myth #1: You must fly first or business class

Reality: You can fly whatever class you want. The truth is that flying business or even economy is way more economically efficient. If you are concerned about the price of first class then maybe you should bump down to business or even an economy class. Many airlines have made big strides in improving the comfort of their economy cabin seating.

Myth #2: A limo must pick you up at the airport

Reality: Limos, no matter what style or size, are expensive. There are several different forms of ground transportation available for you. In most cities you can easily get around with taxi services, bus lines and trains/subways. And if you need to be able to move around more than those services allow, then you can always rent a car. You might not have a man in a suit waiting for you with a sign, but you will save tons of money.

Myth #3: A rental car must be a high-end luxury car

Reality: High-end cars look nice and give the appearance of money, but the truth is they are not efficient for business trips. You need a car that will get you from point A to B comfortably and with good gas mileage. Do not forget that many affordable rental cars look stylish and are still extremely comfortable, and your clients might see needless spending as an indication of irresponsibility.

Myth #4: Hotels either have to be extremely luxurious or extremely cheap

Reality: The truth in the case of the hotel myth is that many national hospitality chains provide various types of hotels. There are hotels designed specifically for people who need a place for a few days while they travel for business reasons. There is no reason to pay for services that you will not be using, and there is no reason to stay at a hotel with very low standards. Make sure your hotel can accommodate your needs, but does not make you pay for luxuries you are not going to need while working.


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