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City Living and Traveling: Indianapolis

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City Living and Traveling: Indianapolis

Convenience is one major benefit of living in a bigger city like Indianapolis. Shops, convenient stores, and grocers can be found a couple blocks from each other in downtown Indy. This enables individuals to step out of their front door, turn the corner, and get the ingredients for that amazing balsamic-glazed salmon recipe featured during breakfast. Goose the Market, the City Market, and O’Malia’s are close and useful for those times of need when city living.

Public Transportation

City living in Indianapolis provides the convenience of public transportation. The close orientation of the city’s layout allows you to get more out of your experience in a given area. It is easy to get around, and more exciting than larger cities to see. IndyGo is the public transportation system in downtown Indianapolis. It has 27 service routes which run daily for convenience.

Biking in the City

If you are city living, having a bike is absolutely essential to getting around. Walking and biking are also strongly encouraged. You can rent a bike and stroll along the Monon Trail, the Cultural Trail, or the gorgeous canal. Biking to work is easy in Indy because of the newly installed Indy Bike Hub connected to the YMCA downtown. The hub allows for people who bike to work to park their bike in an indoor lot, and also provides tune ups and tips for the avid bikers. Even if you live seven blocks away from the downtown area, hopping on your bike is short, simple, and provides you with a good amount of fresh air. Look at all of the amazing places within blocks of each other in Indy on this map!

Ways to Tour the City

Segway Tours are an amazing way to see the city. The tour sips along through the White River State Park, down the canal, and incredible attractions such as the NCAA Hall of Champions. There are many tours that you can take within the city which can be perfect for locals or people are in town visiting. Most people who live in the city aren’t even aware of the touring companies, and should reach out to experience more of their hometown. Some of the most popular touring companies in Indy are Active Indy Tours, Broad Ripple Boat Company, Indy Brew Bus, and Taste Indy Food tours.


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