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Featured Customer: London Farewell

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Featured Customer: London Farewell

De-Neita has done just about everything in London on her “to-do” list, but her main focus right now is her trip to Italy. Starting off in Rome, De-Neita did as much as she could in the time that she had. It is nearly impossible to see all of Rome in a lifetime, let alone a week. But she was sure to take advantage of every opportunity that was presented to her.

“Ciao, Bella!” Italians said while greeting De-Neita into the country. It is clear that she couldn’t get enough of it from her excitement and smiling in her newest travel journal update. Make sure to subscribe to her video to receive updates of her current adventures.

The first event planned on De-Neita’s trip to Italy was to tour the Vatican Museum. Vatican City- having a population of only 800- is the smallest independent state in the world. It is where The Pope resides and blesses the crowd at St. Peter’s Basilica every Wednesday without cost. De-Neita was able to tour the grand Basilica, which has the largest interior of any Christian church in the world.

The Coliseum was next on her list, which is always exciting to see, as most people only see it in paintings or in movies. As she moved on to Naples, the birthplace of the pizza, she was able to indulge in the cultural cuisine that Italy is known for, the margherita pizza. De-Neita’s trip to Italy was her favorite trip while she was abroad in Europe, and she hopes to go back soon.

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