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Five Tips for Choosing the Perfect Spring Break Vacation Spot

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Five Tips for Choosing the Perfect Spring Break Vacation Spot

When you have just one week to travel, whether because of work, school or your budget, you want to make the most of it. Here are five tips for choosing the perfect spring break destination.

1. Consider travel time

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With just one week, you want to spend as little time en route to your destination as possible. Do you know all the direct flights out of your airport? An app like Skyscanner can help you narrow down a destination based on direct flight options and flight duration.

Also consider how much you can truly fit into one week. More than two destinations, even if they are close to one another, is probably too much. You'll spend more time in a car, bus, or plane than enjoying the beach or the ski slopes.

2. Consider cost

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When selecting your destination, make sure you consider your budget and all the factors that will play into your vacation costs. For example, a flight to Argentina might be a whopping $1,700, but hostels and food within the country are far less expensive than in most European destinations.

You can also opt for all-inclusive vacation packages. Sites like Budget Travel and The Clymb offer good deals to a lot of different destinations.

3. Brainstorm activities and plan ahead

Think about what you want to do on this vacation. Are you excited to ski, scuba dive, hike, lie on the beach, fish, or experience great food, theater and art? Once you've considered this, find the publications that cater to these interests and search for articles on travel. Sometimes you'll find the best destinations in the world for your activity and few people outside that group of enthusiasts even know about them.

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Next, plan ahead. With just one week, you don't want to spend time figuring out what to do when you get to your destination. Instead, do your research beforehand and even line up some activities. The best resources for finding good activities, tour guides, and equipment rentals are people who have already been there. Look to travel blogs, Trip Advisor, and guide books like Lonely Planet. You can also turn to Facebook and ask your friends.

4. Research the weather beforehand

You booked your trip to the beach expecting sand and sun, and you found sheets of rain for days on end. No one wants this to be their vacation, and there are simple ways to avoid it. In many places in the world, weather is predictable. There are rainy seasons, dry seasons, winter, summer, monsoon seasons, hurricane seasons and more. Research the weather in your destination before you go. It could save your trip.

rainy day at the beach

That said, sometimes traveling to places in the off or rainy season can work to your advantage. For example, the beginning of the rainy season in Belize has some short showers in the afternoons, but overall is very pleasant. Plus, it's cheaper and you can avoid the crowds.

5. Take precautions to stay safe

Many places in the world can switch from stable and safe to dangerous for tourists in a matter of days. Do your research before you go. Is a controversial election on the horizon? Have there been protests that have resulted in airport closures? What is the general populace's attitude toward visitors from your country? What are the religious or cultural rules that you need to adhere to?

riot police with shields

Sometimes, certain parts of a country will be safe, while others are not. Use resources like the United States' alerts and warnings page and ask people who have traveled to the destination recently. If you are well-informed, you're more likely to stay safe.

Finally, don’t ever spend money on a big trip without purchasing travel medical insurance. Should you get unexpectedly injured or become ill, an international travel insurance plan can provide you with benefits, financial help, and access to quality care.


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